XBox 360 4GB Edition Review

Category: Gaming Systems - Date: March 22, 2013


Up for review is the 4GB version of the XBox 360. It has a black matte finish and comes with a matching black wireless controller. It’s kinect ready for hands-free gaming. You can pick one up for less than $200.

At A Glance

The XBOX360 is a cool looking console with some snazzy heat sensor buttons and a nice design. It is all black and has a nice polished finish which does attract a bit of dust; but that’s not a major fuss. The games on it are great and it’s a fairly speedy and good performing console.

Aesthetics and Design

As mentioned previously, the XBOX360 is a nice looking console and it can either sit standing up or lying down. It is highly recommended that you lie the console down however because if it gets knocked down while standing up the disk can come lose and get scratched.

The power button is easy to use and again looks quite cool. It is activated by heat rather than being a click button, so this is a nice extra feature. The disk tray open button also has the same functionality. The console is designed well with a lot of space for air to be released and thus stop any problem with overheating. Users should always remember to leave plenty of space around the XBOX for this air to be released though.


The controller is quite large and chunky which could be annoying for people with smaller than average hands. Apart from that it is decent to grip and comfortable to hold. The battery pack on the rear can sometimes fall out if you knock the controller too hard which can be a pain sometimes.

With decent batteries, you get plenty of hours of game time before they need charging. A recommendation would be to purchase a plug and play kit which retails at around $10-15 to stop the need of constantly buying batteries.


When the XBOX is loaded up it has a very pleasing to use and look at interface. There are clear labels for all the options and nice tabs to flick between your different locations. The color scheme is also done very well to make the whole dashboard look appealing and pleasing to use. The only downside is that it can sometimes be a bit slow if the XBOX gets quite hot or if you have inserted a disk.

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