Transcend JetFlash Biometric Flash Drive

Category: Other Gadgets - Date: January 28, 2011

Way back in the late 90’s when I would want to keep prying eyes away from my files I used to hide them in folders within folders within folders. Only I would know which folders to open to eventually get to my “hidden files”. Of course this type of security is really old fashioned and is not secure at all.

When Windows began letting you create users and password protect your computer I then did that, but soon realized there was a way around that too. Also I didn’t want to lock my whole computer out, just a few folders.

Then later I downloaded software to password protect my files. This method has worked fine for me. The only drawback was that you’d have to load the program first and then the password to get access to the files. If you have a good password it’s pretty good security. However what if someone has installed a keylogger on your system that tracks all of your keystrokes?

Well now I’ve decided to take my security to another level by purchasing a USB fingerprint reader device. With this flash drive I can keep all my passwords or other sensitive data with me on the go without any worries. Even if I’m traveling I can take it with me and not even worry if I was to lose it (as long as I had a back-up at home).

I got the Transcend JetFlash 220, the 16GB version. I got it for under $60 from Amazon, free shipping and no tax.

One Response to “Transcend JetFlash Biometric Flash Drive”

  1. Roger Palmer Says:

    The ability to accurately read my fingerprint was real sluggish. It takes multiple attempts to get it right.