Toshiba Portege Z835-P360 Ultrabook

Category: Laptops - Date: June 9, 2012

Sometimes, netbooks just aren’t enough to get you smoothly through some computing tasks with ease. At the same time, full-fledged notebooks may be too expensive to fit your budget or unnecessary if you only need a portable computer for travelling. That’s where ultrabooks come in, and the Portege Z835-P360 from Toshiba is a great choice for both performance and portability. Let’s take a closer look at this ultrabook.


The Toshiba Portege Z835-P360 has some very impressive specs, starting with a decently-sized 13.3” display with a resolution of 1366 x 768. It comes equipped with a 128 GB solid state drive (SSD) rather than a less-reliable hard disk drive and 4 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz RAM, which is certainly more than enough for most users (although it is upgradeable to a maximum of 8 GB). Also included are: a built-in webcam and microphone, an Intel Core i3-2367M processor, Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel HD graphics, a built-in memory card reader, an Intel wireless card, and Bluetooth 3.0.


The Toshiba Portege Z835-P360 comes in an attractive all-black design, with a spill-resistant tile keyboard and LED backlighting. A touchpad (as is present in most portable computers) with multi-touch support is included along with a few ports along the ultrabook’s case including an Ethernet port, HDMI output, one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports.


The Portege Z835-P360 is also extremely thin and light, weighing under 2.5 pounds and measuring in at 12.44 inches wide by 8.94 inches deep by 0.63 inches high. Thanks to all of this, it is the perfect solution for a portable computer that isn’t much of an issue to carry around with you wherever you need to go.


Within the ultrabook is an 8-cell lithium ion battery that provides up to 8.28 hours of battery life, plenty of time to get what you need done while you’re on the go.


Overall, the Toshiba Portege Z835-P360 is a great choice for an ultrabook in my personal opinion. Its specs alone make it a very attractive choice, especially at only $899.99. While it can be argued that one could build a desktop computer with similar (or even better) specs for around the same price, the fact that it is such a light and portable computer make it the better choice for on-the-go usage. If that’s what you are in need of, than this is a definite must-buy.

Here are some additional images of the Toshiba Portege ultrabook:

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