Top 5 Appliances You Can’t Live Without

Category: Other - by Edwin C - Date: April 19, 2011

There are some machines that help us out so much around the home that we simply couldn’t do without them. They make our lives easier and transform what might otherwise be long, laborious tasks into simple jobs, achieved at the push of a button. Here’s a rundown of the top five appliances that every home should have:

1. Microwave

Cooking can be very rewarding, and sometimes there’s nothing nicer than making a great meal for family or friends. Using fresh ingredients and following a delicious recipe definitely has its plus points. But there are days when you get in late and just don’t have the energy to cook. Stick some leftovers from the fridge in the microwave and you’ve got a readymade dinner , magic.

2. Vacuum cleaner

Keeping your carpets and rugs clean without a vacuum cleaner is almost impossible , unless you want to spend a few hours on your hands and knees, picking up individual pieces of dirt and fluff. A good vacuum can really transform the feel of a room and make it look instantly cleaner and tidier.

3. Tumble dryer

With summer coming up, drying clothes on a washing line offers unbeatable freshness. But if it’s raining, or you don’t have a garden, drying things indoors on racks or radiators can be a real pain. Steamed up windows and damp smells are never good for a house. Forty minutes in a tumble dryer should be enough to dry any item of clothing, so the whole job is done in one go, without having to wait too long.

4. Freezer

Assuming that everybody has at least got a fridge (how else would you be able to store anything?) our last essential item is the freezer. It’s perfect for storing various staple food items and leftovers, so you’ll never need to throw away food again. Every home should have one.

5. Washing machine

You probably think you can’t live without mobile phones either, but think about life without the existence of a washing machine for a second. The idea of doing laundry by hand is enough to start anyone panicking. And if you have ever washed anything by hand you know just how long it can take. Now imagine having to do a whole week’s worth of washing for your entire family! It’s easy to see why people used to dedicate a whole day to doing the laundry. But with a modern washing machine, you simply bung in your clothes, add detergent and press a button. The result is clean clothes with a fraction of the effort.

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