The HTC Desire – Stylish and Capable

Category: Cell Phones - Date: November 22, 2010

The HTC Desire was launched to absolutely massive acclaim, and deservedly so. It took the smartphone market to a new level in terms of competition and the standard expected. HTC are unwilling to allow the iPhone to be the most desirable handset out there, and chose a name that reflects the standing of their phone perfectly.

The Desire is beautiful without being delicate. The rubbery case and bronze detailing are elegant as well as functional, and the screen is vibrant, even if it lacks the resolution of the iPhone 4. Most importantly, it is light and slim, concealing the true extent of its abilities.

The desire has a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor which makes it super-fast and more responsive than anything on the market.

Online, browsing is smooth and pleasurable and lag is negligible. Even when taking advantage of the phone’s text reflow feature the changes happen instantly, making the Desire really online in the way that is expected from all high-end smartphones. All of this makes the large screen far from a waste: it combines beautifully with the speed to ensure that the desire may even overtake your computer as web browser of choice.

Offline, the snapdragon processor is just as effective. Multi-tasking is easy and intuitive, and no matter how many apps you are trying to run consecutively you will rarely notice any slowdown.

The processor also allows the phone to run flash player , a necessity for a lot of websites and the bane of iPhone owners , really bolstering HTC Desire’s presence as the superior Internet phone.

One thing that HTC haven’t managed to balance with the impressive power of the Desire is the drain on battery. While it is nothing exceptional that such a feature-heavy phone should have a huge power requirement, it would have been heartening to see HTC tackle this issue in order to balance the rest of its capabilities. This shouldn’t put prospective buyers off though; the Desire is an impressive piece of kit.

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