Sprint Samsung MM-A900

Category: Cell Phones - Date: October 11, 2005

Sprint Samsung A900 Multimedia Cell Phone

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Sprint Samsung A900 Review Introduction

The ultra-thin, sleek design of the A900 by Samsung is enough to turn heads, but this phone is not just another pretty face. Coupled with the great features of the Sprint Power Vision Network, Bluetooth Wireless technology, and megapixel camera it is the perfect blend of fashion and function.

Sprint Samsung A900 Design

Color: black, Main Display: 240 x 320 pixel 262K TFT color display, External Display 96 x 96 pixel 65K TFT display, Mode: CDMA Dual Band (1900/800 MHz), Wireless Protocol: CDMA, Service Provider: Sprint, Dimensions: 3.9″ x 2.0″ x .06″, Weight: 3.9 oz.

Sprint Samsung A900 Features

The Ultra-compact design is the thinnest Power Vision phone available from Sprint. Dual displays, with 262K colors internal and 65K colors external color screens makes for easy reading and a rich, full-color experience. A Built-in 1.3-megapixel rotating camera has zoom, flash, self-timer, and video clip capture and playback capabilities. Sample and wirelessly download full-length, high-quality music from the Sprint Music Store with the integrated MP3 Player. EV-DO technology enables video programming to stream at ultra-fast speeds, providing a clear and fluid mobile viewing experience. With Sprint Power Vision Connection Manager and the required Sprint Power Vision service plan, the A900 can be used as mobile modem for a laptop. Speak phone numbers or contact names to dial, or use voice commands to launch applications or dictate text messages.

Sprint Samsung A900 Performance

Powered by the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, Sprint PCS Vision transforms the wireless experience from something that’s simply functional into something visual, entertaining and highly personalized. Connect to a Bluetooth-enabled headset or compatible car kit to talk hands-free. Surf the web at broadband-like speeds. Stream or download content from Sprint TV and the Sprint Music Store faster than ever before. Capture high resolution digital pictures to send to an email account or compatible phone. Play your music for friends or talk to them hands-free thanks to the A900’s stereo speakerphone.

What’s included in the package

Samsung A900 BLADE, Battery, USB SYNC Cable, Home Charger, Stereo Headphones, Manual.


Offered only by Sprint, the Samsung MM-A900 equals the Razr’s thin profile but raises the bar with a couple of refinements and some extra features not found on the Motorola handset, including a 1.3-megapixel camera with a swiveling lens and a flash, an MP3 player, and support for Sprint’s new 3G network. 3G networks let you speed through Web pages, enjoy streaming music video, watch on-demand video programming, download and play 3D games, and videoconference with your fellow chatterers. While the interface is undoubtedly different on a cell phone, the experience of surfing, downloading, and streaming stands to be very close to that of a broadband connection on a computer.

20 Responses to “Sprint Samsung MM-A900”

  1. missy lee Says:

    This phone has been the best yet, sound quality is great, pictures come out good and easy to upload to your computer. I like its slim and sleek look. Totally worth the $$.

  2. alexa Says:

    i like this phone. but how much is it?

  3. Farooq Says:

    Seems like this phone is made in a hurry. Battery life is horrible. Needs to be charged almost every day even if it is not used. Paint is coming off after only 8 months of normal use. Bought two phone and the paint problem is happening on both the phone at exactly the same place.

  4. strawberryblade Says:

    Got the phone yesterday and already charging the battery. I turned on Power Save and turned off GPS. Maybe I was just too excited about the new phone that I have been playing with it lots. We’ll see how the battery life is after this charge. I like the phone. I think the ringtones are loud. Over all I think this phone is great.

  5. Nicole Says:

    I love it! It was a gift from my boyfriend for our 1 month anniversary! I think its great, so many things that I didnt even know it could do! I thought the iphone was the only 1 u could do stuff like this on! The camera and camcorder quality are excellent like my jvc camcorder practically 4 real! It does so much and I just got it so Im still learning, im still being shocked by the technology! Its a really nice phone and doesnt feel hella cheap like the razor and sliver!!!!!

  6. sunny Says:

    all the people who has problem with battery life with this phone; is because you either leave in a area where you have very low signal or no signal…all the cell phone in world, consume more power finding the signal, so if you have good signal that means you going to have good battery life as well

  7. dc Says:

    I love the phone if only it can stay new. Paint is coming off and the hinge wobbles when openned. Sprint store is changing my phone.

  8. bbabby Says:

    I have this phone and I can not wait to get rid of it. Really I hate it. It is so tall and boring. AS I SAID I HATE IT

  9. Drako Says:

    Hi, I have this phone but I wanna know how can I recive files like photos or anything ‘case I only can send files but I can’t recive nothing, why?!!!

  10. Nick Says:

    I’ve always thought this phone looked pretty good, but couldn’t upgrade to it a my contract was still pretty new. Is there any way to still get this phone? I know it’s a bit older, but still. Anyone know?

  11. Eddie Says:

    You can always find it on ebay for a low price.

  12. Sharon Says:

    How does the zoom work on this camera.

  13. bob Says:

    i love this phone 😀

  14. Renee Says:

    i just got this phone and its super awsome; but one question though…how can you get music onto the mp3?

  15. nemo Says:

    i love this cellphone i have to get another one

  16. Ricky Gutierrez Says:

    want picture mail

  17. Anderson Says:

    I need tech tips this model “Sprint Samsung MM-A900, for sansung, thank you

  18. Dalla Says:

    I got this cellphone its great but i dont no how to use it how can i use it withaut a simcard because here in german are all phons with simcards can anybody help me ?

  19. vito Says:

    it was the best phone ever sorry that i changed with another phone

  20. bob Says:

    i really want one of these phones but i need good battery life so how can i make it last