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Category: MP3 Players - Date: August 20, 2005

Sony Walkman Core mp3 Player

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Sony Walkman Core MP3 Player Review Introduction

The new and stylish NW-E series Walkman from Sony delivers crisp sound in a sleek and ultra-compact body. This slim MP3 Player boasts all the features you need to make the most of your listening experience.

Sony Walkman Core MP3 Player Design

It is as small as a pack of gum. It features a 3-line organic electroluminescence display. Choose the memory capacity that suits your needs. Weight: 1.66 oz (47 g). Dimensions: 3 1/3 x 1 2/15 x 6/11″ (84.9 x 28.8 x 13.9mm). Available is several colors.

Sony Walkman Core MP3 Player Features

There’s no sacrifice with the NW-E series. It’s incredibly small, yet it still has a 3-line display. It is easy to keep track of song duration, title, battery level and more. Choose the one best for you. The 512MB storage capacity lets you load up with 345 songs of your choice. The 1GB storage capacity lets you load up with 695 songs of your choice. But, you can also choose the one with an FM tuner, so you can scan the dial when you need a change of pace. The NW-E series features excellent battery life: up to 50 hours of playback on one full charge. And, if you’re down to your last bar, just quick charge it. A three minute charge gives you three hours of battery life.

Sony Walkman Core MP3 Player Performance

Plays Back MP3/ATRAC3/ATRAC3 plus Audio Formats. For customers who already have extensive music libraries, use the included software and hardware to store and play back their collection of MP3s. For the customer who is just getting intodigital music and downloading, Sony’s ATRAC format provides higher sound quality with smaller sizes than many competing formats. This enables the user to store more music and have longer listening times.

What’s included in the package

SONY Network Walkman Digital Audio Player, CD ROM (PC Application Software and operating instructions), USB cable, High quality stereo headphone, Extension headphone cord, Carrying pouch, Quick start guide.


The smooth design of the Sony Walkman Core adds a unique flair to your portable audio experience. Sleek as it is fashionable, it is the perfect accessory when you are on the move. The Walkman Core MP3 Player delivers amazing quality sound to your music while providing easy, trouble-free MP3 and digital audio file transfer. Simply hook up the Walkman to your desktop PC or notebook using the provided USB cable and your music is exported quickly, easily, and exactly the way you want them.

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  1. shru Says:

    mines worse i have a mp3 soney walkmen 16gb and it says i have no memory on it at all! and i dont even have anything on it…

  2. karri Says:

    i have a sony walkman mp3 player that i found in walmart parking lot i accidently erased all the music on it now it says not formated or no data how can i start all over again withit?