Sony Tablet S

Category: Tablets - Date: December 8, 2012

The Sony Tablet S is everything great you should expect from a Sony product, and then some. Here are some of the features of the Sony Tablet S that its users love the most.

It’s an entertainment center

Rent or own any of the thousands of hit movies and television shows you can access with Video Unlimited. Or use Music Unlimited to access millions of songs. Store all your music and videos in the cloud and sync up from any location via Bluetooth or Wireless-N. Sony tablets are also the first tablets certified for PlayStation gaming.

The Look And Feel

Too many tablets promise full digital connectivity but few deliver the way Sony does. Their QuickTouch technology makes web browsing a breeze and Quick View allows for faster, smoother web access. The highly responsive touchscreen feels like you’re touching liquid glass and the virtual keyboard, with numeric keypad, uses the complete width of the screen for larger, easier to use keys. Easily communicate on any of your favorite social gathering spots.

The Technology

The Sony Tablet S has a whopping 9.4-inch backlit display with TruBlack technology for higher contrast and brighter, crisper colors. It also features 32 GB of memory on board, Wireless-N, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which enables you to seamlessly stream videos and music, and comes packed with pre-loaded games.

The Universal Remote Control

Control every device in your living room: the television, the Blu-ray disc player, your cable box, your stereo, even your gaming system. The Sony Tablet S is the only tablet on the market with this special feature. No more hunting for remotes and juggling them when you do find them all. Now you can control everything from your tablet.

The Ergonomic Design

The Sony is also the only table on the market with this unique, ergonomic design. The unique, fold-over design fits the shape of your hand and shifts the weight off of your fingertips and into the palm of your hand. It’s less tiring to hold onto and you get a perfect viewing angle without the use of table-top wedges. Never before have so many special features been wrapped up in one single tablet. The Sony Tablet S will completely revolutionize your digital connectivity.

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