Sony PSP Review

Category: Gaming Systems - Date: November 19, 2005

Sony PSP

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PSP Review Introduction
The Sony PSP debuted in late 2004 to rival Nintendo’s handheld gaming system. Games currently available for the Sony PSP are Need For Speed Underground, Spiderman 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Tony Hawks Underground 2 and many more. The Sony PSP retails for about $250.

PSP Design
The Sony PSP screen is a 4.3-inch LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 480 x 272 pixel resolution, perfect for widescreen movies and video games. The product dimensions are approximately 6.7 inches (width) x .9 inches (height) x 2.9 inches (depth) Weight: .62 lbs (including battery).

PSP Features
The Sony PSP comes with wireless internet capabilities, video and digital music play-back, and of course the gaming. The Sony PSP supports the Universal Media Disc (UMD), which holds up to 1.8GB of data, more than enough for games and movies. If you need data storage, the Sony PSP comes with the Memory Stick Duo media where you can store your saved games, downloaded online content, personal video and audio files, and more. (comes with 32MB Memory Stick Duo)

PSP Performance
The Sony PSP comes with a 333 MHz processor, dwarfing other handhelds currently on the market. The games don’t freeze up and it can even load 2+ MB JPEG images in under 2 seconds.

What’s included in the package
Sony PSP, AC adapter, battery, 32MB Memory Stick Duo, headphones with remote control, soft case & hand strap.

The Sony PSP is a must buy for gaming enthusiasts looking to take their gaming on the road.

4 Responses to “Sony PSP Review”

  1. sal Says:

    PsP is a great portable game system. It’s look is cool. and not only can you use it for we can watch movies. i love how can connect to a wireless connection and check my email.

  2. carl Says:

    This gaming system has been awesome..the variety of game choices is great. most of the graphics have been good. It’s cool to be able to put some of my music in here too.

  3. faviola Says:

    Love my Psp…i’ve got everything in there..cant leave home with out it.

  4. Ted Says:

    The PSP is a magic black nugget that all tech heads should own. Even if it is just brought out for special occasions, it is more than worth the price.