Sony PlayStation 2 Review

Category: Gaming Systems - Date: November 28, 2005

Sony Playstation 2

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Sony Playstation 2 Review Introduction

Since it’s launch, the PS2 has been a huge success. Primarily because the Sony PlayStation has some of the best rated games in any genre. Some of the extreme sports titles include the Tony Hawk games and SSX games. If you’re into racing games there’s Gran Turismo Series. Every heard of titles such as the Silent Hill Series, the Final Fantasy series, and Grand Theft Auto.

Sony Playstation 2 Design

The main unit’s dimensions are 30.1 cm (width) x 18.2 cm (depth) x 7.8 cm (height). Total weight is 2.2 kg. The Play Station 2 can stand on its side or lie flat to fit any space.

Sony Playstation 2 Features

First off the PS2 is a great entertainment system. It’s one of the few systems to be backwards compatible: the ps2 can play Plastation 1 / PSOne Games. A DVD player is built in and it can also play music CD’s. Online is the name of the game with the ps2. Sony really seems to really know what they’re doing here with it. Many games take full advantage of online gaming features of the PS2. The Play Station 2 offers one of the largest game libraries of any console system. The PlayStation 2 is offered in various colors and sizes: regular black, black slimline, regular silver and silver slimline.

Sony Playstation 2 Performance

Once the PS2 is installed into your home theatre, you’ll be treated to a reasonably sharp picture with high quality sound. The processor is a Toshiba and Sony Emotion Engine and clocks in at 294.9MHz, video output of 128-bit 2D/3D graphics acceleration, and a maximum resolution of 32-bit color / 1280 x 1024. The Sony PS2 is a real gamers system.

What’s included in the package

Sony Playstation 2 video game console, a set of stereo a/v cables, an AC adapter, one controller, and the manuals.


What usually makes or breaks a system is its library of games. If your biggest priority right now is the widest selection of games, rather than hardware bells and whistles, then the PlayStation 2 is a solid choice. This is the ps2’s strength and it’s probably the reason why its’ sales figures are so high. Besides being able to play older Playstation titles, the ps2 boasts many exclusive titles. These titles have consistently broken sales records. The Sony PS2 library is so huge you can satisfy your interest with many different titles.

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  1. meli Says:

    Playstation 2 has been the ultimate game system that i have had. They have the coolest games, and best graphics. I have to admit though I’m waiting for the PS3.

  2. MONO Says:

    Ps2 is the wickedest console ever made an exeption for ps3 lolz im a huge sony fan

  3. Arnold Wilson Says:

    I want you to send me one.I can also sell them for you because they are very attractive.THANK YOU

  4. suuny Says:

    my sony playstation two with model number scph90004 and serial HC4738586 is not playing DVDs why!


    Iam living in Lahore,pakistan.I want to buy new Sony playstation 2.Where I can buy it?