Sony mylo Communicator

Category: Other Gadgets - Date: December 15, 2006

Sony mylo Personal Communicator

Sony mylo Personal Communicator Introduction

This product is designed for people who use instant messaging as a primary form of communication and networking for their social life. The name mylo stands for my life online, and the communicator lets you use instant messaging, browse the Internet, listen to music, send emails and view photos concurrently.

Sony mylo Personal Communicator Design

Small enough for a pocket or purse, the slim, oblong-shaped device features a 2.4 inch color LCD (measured diagonally) with a slide out QWERTY keyboard for comfortable and quick thumb typing. Plus, an embedded microphone and speaker, Memory S tick slot (PRO Duo) slot, and USB 2.0 port for connectivity to your PC and for charging the battery. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 3.5 hours of Internet calling talk time, up to 7 hours web browsing, and up to 45 hours of music playback.

Sony mylo Personal Communicator Features

The wireless Sony mylo Personal Communicator COM-1 offers multimedia play back and VOIP Internet telephony capabilities. The mylo COM-1 enables you to use Wi-Fi (802.11b) connections found in your home, on your school campus, and at a variety hotspot locations to send e-mail, chat across multiple IM conversations, and browse the Web. While it doesn’t communicate via cellular networks, you can use the built-in Skype VOIP (voice over IP) software to make phone calls over the Internet via the integrated microphone or the included external mic.

Sony mylo Personal Communicator Performance

There are millions of WiFi hotspots including over 15 million American homes, almost every university campus, shopping malls, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, hotels, airports and many others. Coverage is growing in a number of U.S. cities. Enter your current location and the mylo COM-1 will direct you to the nearest of over 20,000 free and pay public hotspots in the U.S.

In addition to powerful communication features, the mylo COM-1 also provides a wide variety of digit al audio, video, and photo playback. Offering compatibility with MP3, WMA (Secured and Un-Secured) and ATRAC formats, you’ll be able to play music you’ve purchased from many online music stores. You’ll also be able to watch MPEG4 video transferred to an optional Memory Stick Duo or saved to the 1 GB memory

Whats included in the package

Sony mylo Personal Communicator COM-1 (black), stereo headphones, external microphone, carry case, U SB 2.0 cable, printed operating instructions.


The Sony Mylo Personal communicator is perfect for those who use instant messaging for communicating as it includes all popular IM services like Google Talk instant messaging service, Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. It lets one IM, browse the Internet, listen to music, send emails and view photos. The HTML browser one can browse any websites quickly, it also comes with the Skype software, which means that you make free Internet calls.

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  1. Blanca T Says:

    Milo is the coolest thing for those who love to IM. It’s been part of my cool gadgets collection for a while now, it’s easy to use and i haven’t had any issues with it. totally recommended.

  2. haya khaled Says:

    i was wandering if the mylo can eb connected to any wireless network for example if the product is purchased in Egypt will te machine be able to connect to a personal wireless network

  3. way Says:

    nice review thaks ^_^