Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Category: Gaming Systems - Date: June 3, 2011

Finally, the PlayStation phone has made its arrival, or has it? The eagerly anticipated phone is actually the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play; an android smartphone which is designed specifically for hard-core gamers, complete with a slide-out gamepad.

Will the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play revolutionize mobile phone games? Well, it pretty much blows every other smartphone out of the water. Staying true to its leading position in the gaming world; PlayStation fits seamlessly onto this advanced piece of technology, merging superb gaming with a high-quality phone.

So how well does PlayStation sit on a Sony Ericsson smartphone? And how does its gaming experience compete with the much loved Apple iPhone 4 and its app store?

This gaming pad allows you to play PlayStations games as they were intended to be played, and makes extended gaming sessions comfortable and enjoyable. With stereo speakers and a 4-inch multi-touch LCD screen powered by a Snapdragon graphic processor; the Xperia Play has everything you’d expect from a hand-held gaming device, and more.

The innovative handset has 3D gaming graphics, and comes with five quality PlayStation games pre-installed. Supporting multi-player gaming, the Xperia Play has the capability to be a worldwide sensation, growing to the popularity of the PlayStation network.

Sure, the App Store has masses of games, but these are generally time-wasters; small games which take an hour or so to complete whilst you’re away from your games console. But the Xperia Play is your all-in-one, it combines high-quality in-depth gaming with mobility.

With access to the PlayStation suite , Sony’s own app store giving customers unprecedented access to PlayStation games , game developers and publishers have the potential to extend their brand reach and utilise a different platform.

This isn’t just a gaming device however; this is a highly advanced phone, and Sony Ericsson certainly haven’t skimped on handset quality. Running on the latest and fastest version of Android’s operating system, Gingerbread; the Xperia Play boasts 8.5 hours of talk time and 415 hours on standby. The phone’s 5-megapixel camera and front-facing camera make video-calling a breeze, and with an option to use your voice to navigate your way around the phone and send text messages, the Xperia Play has surpassed the standard set by Apple.

Sony Ericsson and PlayStation have integrated a highly-sophisticated gaming device, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, with the best quality smartphone, without compromising the standard of either element. The result is a dedicated PlayStation gadget, which has undoubtedly set the bar for gaming with mobile phones. Time will tell whether it proves successful or not.

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