Sony Cybershot DSC-T300

Category: Digital Cameras - Date: July 30, 2008

Sony Cybershot DSC T300

Sony Cybershot DSC-T300 Introduction
We earlier reviewed the Sony Cybershot DSC-T100 and are now following it up with the latest release, the new T300. The Sony DSC-T300 is an ultra compact point-and-shoot digital camera. Powered by the Bionz image processing engine, this robust camera delivers fast image processing speeds just like the older model. The main difference is that this one has a touch screen and is 10MP. (10.1 mega pixels)

Sony Cybershot DSCT300 Design
It has a Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens to capture images and a 3.5-inch Clear Photo LCD touch screen for easy navigation and editing. The LCD display is huge, it takes up the whole backside of the camera. There are just the power button, playback button, shutter release, and zoom rocker as the only buttons. The front is nifty, you slide it down to reveal the goodies that let you take a shot. This DSC T300 is available in black, red, and silver.
Dimensions 3.7 X 0.8 X 2.3 in. / Weight 5.3 oz.

Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Features
The Sony DSC-T300 is a compact camera with many features. Inside this compact camera, you will find technologies that provide image stabilization, face detection, and auto lighting adjustments. Intelligent Scene Recognition mode automatically detects different types of scenes and selects the appropriate camera settings. My favorite feature is the “smile feature” where it takes the picture when it detects a smile. It sounds cheesy for camera professionals but for newbies it has lots of little perks that could be useful. Finally the paint program lets you draw on your pictures, crop and resize, and easily scale images. Editing functions include trimming, red-eye adjustment, soft focus filter, unsharp mask, cross filter, partial color filter, fish-eye filter, retro, radial blur, and a happy face feature.

Cybershot DSC-T300 Performance
You get 10.1-megapixel pictures. In our test shots we noticed a lot of “noise” when zooming in. Shots taken from far away at the beach looked great – except when you zoomed in and saw the picture at full size. You couldn’t see much detail in the photographs. For a novice, this camera comes with an Easy Shooting Mode. This setting puts the camera on auto and doesn’t let you accidentally change anything, so it’s just point-and-shoot at its finest.

What’s included in the package
Sony DSC-T300, Lithium Ion Battery + Charger, USB cable, AV Cable, 15mb Internal Memory, Sony software CD, Wrist Strap, Manual.

The DSC-T300 is a great camera for everyday shots. Don’t expect to become an award winning photographer using this camera however. This camera is meant to throw in your pocket (it’s so thin and lightweight) and take shots of your vacation. Personally the main reason why I always buy Sony Cybershot cameras is because of its video capabilities. Like other Sony’s, the T300 lets you shoot 640×480 videos at 30 frames per second. It will shoot videos for as long as you want. I have a 4GB memory card and at the highest quality I can fit a good 45 minutes of video and still fit a good 20 pictures in there as well.

3 Responses to “Sony Cybershot DSC-T300”

  1. Adimof Says:

    I bought this camera a few days ago and I’m very happy with it. Great focus and nice features

  2. denise Says:

    My friend let me borrow Sony Cybershot and I got great pictures with it. I already bought my own and I love it!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not a professional photographer by any means but i’ve been a Canon PowerShot faithful for quite sometime now. Now i think it’s time for a change, i love the fact that this camera is super slim and compact.