Sonos Play:5 Sound System

Category: Other Gadgets - Date: February 1, 2013


Sound systems: You can get the latest technology and the most wowing quality for the price of a car, or you can settle for a semi-decent low-tech model. There’s never been an in-between – until now. The Sonos Play:5 offers the incredible sound and wireless technology of Sonos at the relatively low barrier to entry of $400.

The Play:5 incorporates all that you’d like in a sound system into one sleek package. Wireless high-fidelity audio, wireless controls, expandability, and killer sound. But To understand this precision piece of machinery, you have to first understand the music industry.

The sound industry isn’t a cheap one. A single speaker from a company like Thiel can run you upwards of $7000. The best entire systems can run into tens of thousands of dollars. If you want the best surround sound there is, prepare to pay big – or you could read on about how you can do it more affordably.

The great thing about the Play:5 and Sonos in general, is that they use a propriatary system of connection and management that allows for infinite system possibilities. Each speaker they make has all the fixings built-in: Wireless, Control Capabilities. You can buy a single Play:5 for $400 and blast beautiful music into the night, or you can buy one for each room of your abode, and you can really rock the house, and they all sync with each other to create a really immersive experience.

Right out of the box, they can connect with your iPhone, or your iPad, your computer, or whatever you may have, and using their free app you have instant and total control over your system. Pump up the jams from the bathroom, or turn it off from bed. It’s incredibly cool.

The Most Important Part

As much as their is to geek out about in the wireless capabilities, nothing is cooler than the sound itself. The Play:5 is crisp and loud, just as music should be, and incorporates five powerful drives to give it a kick. Whether you prefer Handel, Billy Joel, or Jay Z, you’ll be blown away by the pure clarity of your music. The first time I listened to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert on the Play:5 I was shocked: It was so clear that I could hear random audience members cheering as if I were next to them at Madison Square Garden.

Some other nice features of the play:5 include internet radio streaming (Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify and others), and design. Honestly, that’s what blew me away. They used a simple, utilitarian model when designing this, and it shows. The simple aluminum three button box o’ sound also happily fits in with my large collection of Apple devices.

One Thing To Note

It has built-in wireless to connect and easily interact with other Sonos speakers, but requires wired internet. That can also be a plus though, because it has a double port, which I use to bridge an ethernet to my Blueray player.

If you’re looking for incredible sound quality and expandability at a reasonable price, the Sonos Play:5 hits the nail on the head. It’s one of a select few rationally priced devices in a highly competitive industry, and it performs excelently while satisfying every nerdy and audiophile need I have. Thank you Sonos for convincing me to dump Vinyl, and go all-digital. What speakers do you currently use?

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