Sharper Image Heater

Category: Other Gadgets - Date: June 14, 2008

Sharper Image Heater

Sharper Image Heater Introduction
The benefits of space heaters is that they can provide focused heat. They are used to bring additional warmth when and where required. This space heater is very easily portable.

Sharper Image Heater Design
The compact 150-watt personal space heater barely takes up any space. It is available in white or black. Measures 4.75” x 3.75” x 3.5” and weighs 1 lb.

Sharper Image Heater Features
It features a tip-over safety switch. The blue LED indicator ring lights up when the heat is on. Comes with a fan-only option. Plugs into a standard outlet. 90-day warranty.

Sharper Image Heater Performance
This heater is designed to provide you with convenient and comfortable warmth anywhere you go. A quiet fan is used to blow air that has been warmed by the heating element. The forced-air heater is appropriate for quickly heating up a small space.

What’s included in the package
VX351 World’s Smallest Big Heater, Documentation.

A space heater is the term used to describe a heating device that heats a smaller space. The benefit of the extra warmth provided by the space heater is that the warmth is focused where needed only, without the need to increase the heating of the whole house. This saves energy and money.

4 Responses to “Sharper Image Heater”

  1. favi Says:

    I bought this cool little heater this last winter..I love it!..small and compact, keeps me warm, and looks sleek.

  2. Lee T Says:

    These heaters are best suited for the tabletop NOT an entire room! They heat OK when you’re within 1-3 feet; direct heat, meaning you are the target! I guess, for a really small heater they do put out “big heat” with only one honeycomb ceramic disc. I use it just to warm up my hands and arms while at the computer when building heat isn’t up and running. I’ve read of them going on the fritz within a couple of weeks and, you get what you pay for however; my $14.99 is (still) worth it. I don’t believe I’d pay 30-40 bucks for one knowing how “simple” they are. No thermostat, but tip-over feature works, and not that noisy either but, I do take a break from the constant whiring of the fan, especially when it’s only a couple feet away on the desk. It would be OK aimed directly at your feet too. This unit is nice because it hasn’t, and probably won’t, trip the multi-outlet strip like larger heaters putting out 1500 watts! Plug those directly into the wall outlet! Overall, my 15 dollars was well spent so far and, it’s just what I was looking for.

  3. Edwin Says:

    Thanks for the comment and review!