SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Micro

Category: Other Gadgets - Date: December 1, 2006

SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Micro

SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Micro Introduction

Cruzer Micro is an incredibly small USB Flash Drive that connects to a computer’s USB port. You can easily store their key documents, pictures, music and video clips on a Cruzer Micro and transfer them to another computer with a USB port. Cruzer Micro is small, portable, and smart.

SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Micro Design

Small, compact size fits on any keychain. New retractable USB port eliminates the need for caps and protects your port. Cruzer Micro provides the latest in UFD technology, a U3 Smart capable flash drive.

SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Micro Features

Capacities of the 4GB SanDisk Cruzer Micro:
Photos: up to 9600
Songs: up to 960
Video – Minutes: up to 1280
Dimensions: 7.94mm x 20.6mm x 57.15mm (D x W x L)

SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Micro Performance

Cruzer Micro now ships with U3 smart technology. U3 technology gives you the ability to carry your files AND your software on a secure USB drive. You can have your wallpaper, preferences, favorites, profiles, and more – everything you need for a familiar computing experience on any PC, wherever you go.

Whats included in the package

Cruzer Micro, Lanyard, Cross sell sheet, SKYPE voucher card (One month voicemail included)


Going beyond typical memory devices, U3 smart drives give you the power to take your favorite programs wherever you go. Now, in addition to storing music, photos, and documents you can store and run software programs and carry your emails, calendar, personal preferences and the programs to interact with them. Enjoy true mobility and personal computing anywhere you go.

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  1. meli Says:

    I think USB drives have been the coolest invention ever. I bought this type of drive not to long ago and it’s worked great for me. It looks sleek and does it’s job with plenty of space.

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