Samsung DualView TL225 Digital Camera

Category: Digital Cameras - Date: January 11, 2010

The Samsung DualView TL225 is an innovative digital camera for any point-and-shoot photographer. It boasts dual LCD configuration, a front 1.5″ LCD and a 3.5″ touch screen LCD in the rear. These two LCD screens make the self portrait a snap.

Additionally the DualView TL225 offers 12MP resolution, 4.6x zoom with wide-angle view, sensor shift image stabilization, and 720p HD video recording.

The DualView TL225 has several preset shooting modes that help to get the most out of your photos. It can even be set to automatically adjusts to take the perfect shot. A simple finger tap or hand gesture on the large 3.5″ touch screen allows you to manually change camera settings quickly and easily while shooting photos.

One Response to “Samsung DualView TL225 Digital Camera”

  1. Neil Harris Says:

    I want to be able to wirelessly send my pictures from my phone to my social networking accounts, that’s the next step in pictures, not higher MP or touchscreen.