Samsung 46″ DLP HDTV

Category: Televisions - Date: November 15, 2007

Samsung 46

Samsung 46″ DLP HDTV Introduction
Get the sharpest and clearest images possible from HD and standard TV and your favorite DVD movies with the 46-inch Samsung DLP projection TV. This relatively lightweight TV weighs less than 67 pounds and measures just 13.4 inches deep, helping you to avoid sacrificing precious real estate in your home.

Samsung 46″ DLP HDTV Design
46-inch Samsung HDTV that uses digital light processing (DLP) technology to achieve high performance in a slim tabletop design. The wide-format screen is set into a black cabinet, with easy-access audio/video and S-video inputs on one side, control buttons on the other side, and stereo speakers below the screen. Weighs less than 67 pounds; Dimensions HWD – 32 x 48 x 13.4 in.

Samsung 46″ DLP HDTV Features
This Samsung DLP television employs a Texas Instruments DLP chip that is comprised of millions of microscopic mirrors. The DLP chip is faster than any HDTV technology, with the mirrors switching on and off 15,000 times a second to deliver a razor-sharp picture for fast moving images. It also offers Samsung’s Cinema Smooth 720p light engine, which creates an image with no visible pixel structure and accurate shading and better low-light detail for the most film-like picture. You’ll get up to a 2500:1 contrast ratio with outstanding colors and deep black levels. The DLP HDTV has a full range of connection options:
* Component (Y/Pb/Pr): 2 inputs
* HDMI: 2 inputs
* Composite (RCA audio/video): 3 inputs (1 on the front)
* S-Video: 2 inputs
* PC: 1 D-Sub-15 input
* PC audio: 1 input
* RF: 1 input
* Sound monitor output: 1
* USB: 1

Samsung 46″ DLP HDTV Performance
With the DLP technology, there are no annoying fans to distract from the programming, and screen burn-in is not an issue. The picture looks great, with rich blacks, sharp contrast, and lifelike colors, helped along by a 3-D Y/C digital comb filter that eliminates hanging dots and rainbow effects. Movies are treated to 3:2 pulldown conversion to eliminate uneven motion even in fast action scenes.

Whats included in the package
DLP TV, remote control (with batteries), power cord, printed operating instructions.

With its top performance, numerous connection options, and stylish design, this DLP HDTV is ideal as the hub of a home entertainment system.

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  1. rich thomas Says:

    his tv is very good .everything that is written about it is for real. If you go to you can get one for about $650

  2. favi Says:

    Looks like a good buy and great quality, and samsung is always known for great products.