A Look At The Apple TV Set Top Box

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Despite its name, the Apple TV is not a television, but a simple, compact , 0.9 inches tall, 3.9 inches wide, and 3.9 inches deep (and weighs a mere 270g) , “set top box” that enables it to wirelessly connect and stream content from iTunes. This means that you can display anything from music, films, audiobooks, videos, TV shows and movie rentals from as many as five Macs or PCs to a digitally enhanced-definition or high-definition TV.

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Roku XDS Streaming Player Review

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The Roku XD|S Streaming Player was the ultimate choice for enjoying streaming and on demand video and audio content from the comfort of your living room. Among older (2010) Roku models, the XD|S is the highest-end, containing the most features. As the little, unintrusive hardware box that it is, the Roku XD|S truly amazes with what it is capable of.

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Boxee Box by D-Link

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As we’re all aware, there are televisions where we watch local programming as well as cable TV shows which are viewable on your television. This massive amount of content is also available online as well as content produced solely for the web which are viewable on your computer. It is only natural to combine the two and convert your television into a “home theater pc”.

That’s where the Boxee comes into play. This service aims to bring video content found on the web to your television without the need of a computer, keyboard and mouse. This concept is relatively new but all signs point to this becoming the future of television. Gone will be the cable and satellite providers. Television will become personalized. You can watch what you want, when you want.

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LG has produced a good value LCD HDTV. This type of television is very popular. LCD televisions are available in a variety of sizes and they are generally more energy efficient than plasma televisions. The LG 32LH30 is a 1080p LCD HDTV from LG’s LH30 series.

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Samsung LN40A550 LCD HDTV

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One of Samsung’s most popular television models is its A550. It is a 40-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV. Samsung manages to balance performance, connectivity, and price in it.

The A550 incorporates 1920×1080 pixels full HD resolution and supremely high contrast ratio of 50,000:1. The 1080p model conveys all of the lines of resolution sequentially in a single pass, which makes for a smoother and cleaner image. The high contrast ratio produces dramatic improvements in gradation and detail, especially in dimmer and brighter scenes.

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LG 60″ Plasma 1080p HDTV

Category: Televisions - Date: August 22, 2008 - Discussion: 3 comments

LG 60 Plasma 1080p HDTV

LG 60″ Plasma 1080p HDTV Introduction
Don’t just watch it, Live it. In LG Full HD. The LG 60PY3D features a full HD Resolution Displays that shows programs in full 1920 x 1080p resolution for a more detailed picture. High-definition Television (HDTV) makes any room in your home come alive.

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Olevia 2 Series 1080p 47″ LCD TV

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Olevia 2 Series 1080p 47 LCD TV

Olevia 2 Series 1080p 47″ LCD TV Introduction
For high-quality, high-definition TV, the 47-inch Olevia LCD TV delivers a simply stunning HDTV experience for home or commercial applications. Engineered to display the richest, most vibrant images.

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