XBox 360 4GB Edition Review

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Up for review is the 4GB version of the XBox 360. It has a┬áblack matte finish and┬ácomes with a matching black wireless controller. It’s kinect ready for hands-free gaming. You can pick one up for less than $200.

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Sony’s Playstation Vita Review

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The gaming industry is a multi billion dollar industry, powered mainly by the XBox, Wii and PlayStation. The portable gaming industry is also huge, but it is not powered by the Nintendo 3DS or the PSP. Nope, it’s powered by iOS and Android smartphones full of games like Angry Birds. But Sony is taking another crack at it with the release of their latest portable gaming system, the Playstation Vita which will be reviewed today.

The Sony PS Vita is a significant upgrade from the original Playstation Portable. This new device combines the power of the Playstation video game console with the ultra portability of today’s smartphones. Let’s take a closer look at Sony’s portable gaming system, the PS Vita.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

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Finally, the PlayStation phone has made its arrival, or has it? The eagerly anticipated phone is actually the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play; an android smartphone which is designed specifically for hard-core gamers, complete with a slide-out gamepad.

Will the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play revolutionize mobile phone games? Well, it pretty much blows every other smartphone out of the water. Staying true to its leading position in the gaming world; PlayStation fits seamlessly onto this advanced piece of technology, merging superb gaming with a high-quality phone.

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Nintendo DSi

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The Nintendo DSi is thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite, but slightly longer. It also has larger screens (3.25 inches, instead of the previous 3 inches) and improved speakers.

The new handheld has two VGA (0.3 megapixel) digital cameras; one on the internal hinge pointed towards the user and the second one in the outer shell designed to point outward. The software gives you several photo editing options that can make manipulating images even more fun. “Nintendo DSi Sound” function serves as a voice recorder and music player of AAC audio. DSi Sound lets users adjust pitch, playback and add filters to the audio.

The DSi also features an SD memory card slot that can be used for both the camera and audio player functions. The DSi also features a built-in browser. It is possible to download games and keep them on the DSi.

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Nintendo Wii

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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Introduction
Nintendo’s Wii video game system (pronounced “we”) is designed to attract people, regardless of their age or video game experience, to sit down and play together–whether they’re in the same room or on different sides of the globe. The system’s name reflects this simple idea. It’s easily pronounced in a variety of languages, and the distinctive spelling suggests two players side by side.

Nintendo Wii Design
The sleek Wii console is white in color and can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. Featuring a remarkable wireless controller experience. Sensors determine the Wii Remote’s position is in 3-D space, which means that racing-game steering and a tennis swing, for example, are done through movements of your hand rather than by just your thumbs. The controller also has a force feedback “Rumble” feature and an expansion port for use with accessories, such as the Nunchuck, which adds an analog thumbstick and trigger buttons. At 1.75 inches high by 6.25 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep (when oriented horizontally), it is a sleek gaming unit.

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Sony Playstation 3

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Sony PlayStation 3

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XBox 360 Review

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XBox 360

Overall Rating

XBox 360 Review Introduction

The Xbox 360 is the future of entertainment. With the most stunning games, powerful technology, and intelligent services, Xbox 360 puts you at the center of your entertainment experience.

XBox 360 Design

The guts of the Xbox 360 comprise what is, for all intents and purposes, a very powerful computer. Aesthetically, the Xbox 360 is a dramatic leap over the original Xbox. It’s stylishly concave shape fits in well with other components. You are able to swap out the front faceplate on your Xbox 360 to customize the look of your system. Weight: 7.7 lbs. Dimensions (WxDxH): 12.15 in x 3.27 in x 10.15 in.

XBox 360 Features

In an ideal world, HD is best, but you can survive for a while without it and still enjoy the system. All games are supported in high definition at 16:9, 720p and 1080i with anti-aliasing as well as standard definition. A detachable 20 GB hard drive is available; this comes with the premium package and will be used primarily for saving game demos and profiles. There are two memory slots for saving games, gamertags, and content to 64 MB memory units and three USB ports for connecting devices or controllers. Networking is provided via an Ethernet port; an 802.11a/b/g adapter will be available. Wireless gaming is built-in and can accommodate up to four wireless controllers sold separately for $50. Progressive-scan DVD playback is standard and there’s a handy remote available for $30 that also comes with the premium package.

XBox 360 Performance

CPU: 3.2GHz PowerPC processor with three cores, Graphics: ATI custom graphics chip, RAM: 512MB GDDR3 Unified System Memory, ROM: 10MB of embedded DRAM, Optical drive: 12X DVD drive, Storage: 20GB hard drive (PE version)

What’s included in the package

There are two systems the Core System and the Premium Edition. If you’re a serious gamer looking for the ultimate console, the search ends with Xbox 360 PE. It is fully loaded. Xbox 360 Core System delivers the same powerful gaming
as Xbox 360 PE, but starts with the basics and lets you expand at your own pace. It’s everything you need to hit the ground running. Core System includes the Console, Wired Controller, and Composite AV Cable. The Premium Edition includes the Core System and many extras.


The Xbox 360 delivers the power and performance of a high-end gaming PC, including impressive digital media and networking features. All games are in high-definition; excellent user-friendly Dashboard interface; built-in support for wireless controllers; excellent online gaming and communications via Xbox Live; backward compatible with many (but not all) original Xbox titles (backwards compatibility is via the hard drive).

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