Pure Digital Camcorder

Category: Digital Video Cameras - Date: April 14, 2007

Pure Digital PSV-351

Pure Digital Camcorder Introduction
This revolutionary new video camcorder is the easiest way to capture and share your memories. This everyday camcorder runs on AA batteries and comes with enough internal memory to capture 30 minutes of video (512MB built in), eliminating the hassle of more expensive, cumbersome alternatives.

Pure Digital Camcorder Design
A compact, affordable, easy-to-use solution for creating and sharing high quality home movies. Pure Digital’s new camcorder allows anyone to easily record and share their memories with just the push of a button. It is the ideal easy-to-carry choice for capturing memories of family vacations, beach trips, weddings and much more. (4.1 x 1.3 x 2.3; 0.3 pounds).

Pure Digital Camcorder Features
Pure Digital Point and Shoot Camcorder features 2x digital zoom; 1.4 inch color playback screen Instant playback, review and delete features On-board software for simple viewing, sharing and archiving videos Video upload, sharing and free hosting options with Google Video and Grouper Networks Simple email functions and video greeting cards powered by Grouper Networks Home movies can be viewed instantly on TV or PC For DVD processin.

Pure Digital Camcorder Performance
The camcorder has a one-touch recording which you can easily playback or delete, has a zoom in and out feature and holds up to as long as 30 minutes. PSV-351 directly connects to any TV or PC where you can save and watch the videos to share to friends and families. It has a built-in software that allows you to send videos via e-mail. The DVD component of the camcorder also allows you to create personalized greetings in video form, which you can also email.

Whats included in the package
Pure Digital PSV-351 with built-in USB arm, manual, AA batteries, carrying case, and TV cable.

Its compact size, ease of use, and unique sharing features ensure you’ll never miss another special moment.

One Response to “Pure Digital Camcorder”

  1. Ilan Neisse Says:

    I really like the idea of a simple camcorder with a simple design. When I was a kid I dreamt of a handy and small camcorder to make small movies with my legos… I see it finally got to the market 🙂 I wont have any use for it but I think my children will love it in the future…