Polaroid DVF-130: USB Camcorder

Category: Digital Video Cameras - Date: November 15, 2009


A growing trend in compact camcorders is to have vertically oriented bodies. The benefit is that the user has all the function buttons in front of them, rather than on the top of the camcorder. Having the buttons next to the screen makes it much simpler to use. Another innovation is to have a built in USB for easy file transfers.

A camcorder that incorporates these features is the Polaroid DVF-130 USB Camcorder. It is well suited for home movie making and other casual shooting.

The Polaroid DVF-130TC USB Camcorder with 2.0-inch LCD Display takes video at a resolution of 480×640 VGA with up to 8x digital zoom. You can record it all to the built in 16MB USB, or you can prolong recording times with an optional SD memory card. As for photos, you can snap them in a standalone photo mode. This handy Polaroid has 1.3 MP still photo resolution.

One Response to “Polaroid DVF-130: USB Camcorder”

  1. Harvey Patrick Says:

    As Tim Taylor would say, this thing needs more power. My digital camera does better than this.