Palm Tungsten E2

Category: PDA's - Date: September 7, 2006

Palm Tungsten E2

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Palm Tungsten E2 Introduction

The Tungsten E2 boasts a sleek and compact form. It has a performance-enhancing OS and a brighter color screen, factor in impressive battery life and an affordable price and you understand why people rave about it.

Palm Tungsten E2 Design

It looks good, and displays PIM data and office documents in an attractive manner. The screen is 320×320 Transflective TFT color display with better color saturation, and supports more than 65,000 colors. Just below the screen is a virtual input area with one-touch access to the Home page, with Menu on the left side, while Favorites and a search function sit on the right.
Dimensions: 4.5 X 3.1 X 0.6 inches
Weight: 4.7 ounces

Palm Tungsten E2 Features

Tungsten E2 is one of the best deals on the market. It has a bright high resolution color display, an expansion slot that’s compatible with memory and networking cards, it works with native Word, Excel and PowerPoint out of the box and has Bluetooth for checking email on the go and surfing the web if you’ve got a Bluetooth enabled cell phone as its companion.

Palm Tungsten E2 Performance

Running on a 200MHz Intel XScale processor, it is responsive and adequate for business tasks, accessing PIM info, music playback and gaming. It comes with 32MB of nonvolatile flash memory, 26MB of which is user-accessible. The latter is important: it preserves your precious data if your PDA decides to call it quits, and it increases the battery life in the same breath.

What’s included in the package

Tungsten E2, Charger, USB sync cable with HotSync button, Software CD, Getting Started guide, PDF user manual, Flip Cover, and Stylus.


The Tungsten E2 is an excellent mid-range PDA. This solid handheld includes an excellent color screen, updated versions of Palm’s contact manager and calendar, and a liberal software bundle.

2 Responses to “Palm Tungsten E2”

  1. jason bishop Says:

    I’m trying to sync my Tungsten E2 Palm to my Samsung A900 phone, for email, internet, etc. I can’t get them to work together. Can you help?

  2. adam Says:

    yeah i have a a900 to but i checked out palms website, and we dont have one of the supported phones that go with it, its ultra gay!