Palm Lifedrive Mobile Manager

Category: PDA's - Date: December 13, 2005

Palm One Life Drive E 4GB Mobile Manager PDA

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Palm Lifedrive Review Introduction

Whether you are viewing spreadsheets, listening to music (or both), the PalmOne’s LifeDrive Mobile Manager gives you room for virtually everything you might take with you. Plus, all the software you could ever need is already pre-installed. You can view photos and videos with the PalmOne Media application and enjoy your songs in your personal music collection with on-board support for MP3 files. This PDA really packs a punch.

Palm Lifedrive Design

Everything is encased in an elegant, brushed silver finish with PalmOne’s PDA. The 5-way navigator lets you launch applications, select items and view details all with one hand. The on/off/hold button keeps your MP3 player on – without inadvertently launching other applications. Sit back and enjoy the view with this 65,000-color, 320×480 TFT display. Flip to portrait or landscape orientation with the touch of a button, and get a better perspective on work, photos or anything else. The status bar gives you quick access to key functions on the screen, such as the current time and search. The product dimensions of the PalmOne PDA are: 4.76″ height x 2.87″ weight, 0.74 depth and comes in weighing only 6.8oz.

Palm Lifedrive Features

The LifeDrive Mobile Manager is meant for personal information management and far beyond. With a huge 4GB hard drive and built-in wifi and bluetooth wireless support, you can easily carry all the essentials of your busy life and use them as you will. Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from your computer, 300+ songs, 2 hours of video, a thousand vacation photos, and so much more – always with you in your pocket, wherever you go. With support for POP, IMAP and Exchange email accounts, you can stay on top of your e-mail by connecting to the many wireless hotspots around the world. Plus with a voice recorder, a built-in mp3 player, a photo viewer, the PalmOne LifeDrive will keep your precious free moments of free time both more interesting and more productive.

Palm Lifedrive Performance

The operating system taps into a wide range of multimedia and wireless capabilities, including MP3 and video playback. The Intel 416MHz XScale processor ensures that even the most complex of functions run smoothly. You can easily transfer files from your PDA to your PC and vice versa. The 4GB of built-in memory lets you carry years worth of email correspondence, thousands of Microsoft Word documents, all of your digital photos and your mp3 songs as well. The built-in expasion slot also makes it easy to add extra hardware, software, and any extra memory you may need. The PalmOne supports SD, SDIO and MultieMediaCards.

What’s included in the package

The LifeDrive Mobile Manager, protective sleeve, a USB sync cable with PalmOne multi-connector, an AC adapter, installation CD with tutorial, a getting-started guide and a users manual.


The Palm One Mobile Manager E 4GB HandHeld PDA aims to be the portable extension of your desktop and not its replacement. While you can keep your documents with you and even make changes, you’ll still need a computer for full usability. Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with a mobile video & picture viewer, mp3 player, email reader, the ability to surf the web and play games as well.

2 Responses to “Palm Lifedrive Mobile Manager”

  1. Dorin Tzurcanu Says:

    I would say: COOLest PDA ever!!! 4 GB with video viewer and mp3 player + a lot of features? I want that “thing”!!!

  2. missy lee Says:

    I used to have a palm pilot and now finally upgraded to lifedrive..totally worth the can use this for everything music, pictures and stay totally organized. I never leave home without it.