Nokia N70 Review

Category: Cell Phones - Date: August 21, 2006

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Nokia n70 Cell Phone Introduction

The Nokia N70 is a smart mobile phone. It has basically everything. It supports 3G, has a 2 MP camera, and lots of memory. It also has a radio, a MP3 player, and memory card slot.

Nokia n70 Cell Phone Design

Like most Nokia phones, ease of use is a top priority. Buttons are reserved for instant multimedia access as well as camera shutter functions. Intuitive menus make switching from text messaging to video shoots a snap. The camera function is activated with the mere slip of a slide cover, which works like today’s top digital cameras to reveal the viewfinder and lens.

Nokia n70 Cell Phone Features

Nokia N70 is great for both work and fun. It is a nice and very well equipped phone. The phone is capable of playing streaming media from the Internet, or you can swap media files with your friends. Sending multimedia e-mails is a breeze,
so you can show your friends and family your exciting new pictures or videos right away. The N70’s Bluetooth and USB compatibility allows you to connect the phone to other devices such as PCs and printers. You can print directly from the
phone – without the use of a PC. The phones included applications make it easy to connect to a printer and crop the photo just how you want it.

Nokia n70 Cell Phone Performance

Advanced digital camera controls such as 20x digital zoom, color and brightness and adjustments, flash settings, and photo-format features for a variety of situations means that this phone is a must-have for those who want the ability to quickly and easily take high-quality digital photos and videos. Nokia phones use the shipped software package for communication with the computer – PC Suite. it is still one of the best programs for mobile phones ever to have been supplied with. You can create and edit your media directly on the phone.

What’s included in the package

Nokia N70, 64MB MultiMediaCard (MMC), Adapter for normal size MMC, Headset, Battery, Charger, Connectivity Cable (USB), CD-ROM containing software, and User guide.


Slide and shoot simplicity. It’s your photo lab fused into your design savvy smartphone. All so you never miss another moment.

2 Responses to “Nokia N70 Review”

  1. deepak kathiriya Says:

    how i can connect N70 to bluetooth deviace.

  2. reylene cauinian Says:

    Can you give me some list of printers that is suitable or compatible for printing the pictures from N70?