Nintendo Gamecube Review

Category: Gaming Systems - Date: November 22, 2005

Nintendo GameCube

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Nintendo GameCube Review Introduction

The Nintendo GameCube was created to provide you with the most entertaining gaming experience possible. With a game library numbering in the hundreds, and in all possible genres, there’s games for everyone. The Nintendo Game Cube has some powerful technical specs as well as a cast of exclusive characters unrivaled by any other gaming system.

Nintendo GameCube Design

It’s playful appealing design and small size are not the only features that set it apart from other popular gaming systems. The main unit’s dimensions are 4.3″ (height) x 5.9″ (width) x 6.3″ (depth).

Nintendo GameCube Features

The Nintendo GameCube’s best features are it’s sleek compact design, the wide variety of games for all ages you can get, and the famous Nintendo brand name so you know you’re getting a well-known trustworthy gaming system. The GameCube is Nintendo’s first video game console that can access game data through a disc as opposed to a cartridge. Each of these “discs” hold 1.5 GB of information and are only 3″ in diameter.

Nintendo GameCube Performance

The disc drive and processor work together with awesome speed, which makes load times hardly noticeable. Moving to the software disc media instead of game cartridges generally means lower development costs for the publishers which in turn has many benefits for the consumer. These benefits include: lower prices on games, an increase in the number of available titles and the quality of the games.

What’s included in the package

Nintendo GameCube video game system, one controller, manuals, cables to connect to TV, 4-game controller ports built in, AC adapter.


The Nintendo GameCube game library has hundreds of games in many genres so every gamer is bound to find something they like. A few games currently available are the Lord of the Rings series, Soul Calibur II, Ghost Recon, Madden Football NBA Street Volume 2 & Tony Hawk’s Underground. The Mario classics are still here with: Mario Sunshine, Wario World, Super Mash Bros and Mario Party. If you’ve previously owned a Nintendo or a Super Nintendo, the Nintendo GameCube is the next logical step up in the gaming system ladder.

4 Responses to “Nintendo Gamecube Review”

  1. missy lee Says:

    Gamecube is good for those people like me who like simple easy to follow video games..the graphics are cool and colorfull, the games are very entertaining. I got no complaints with this gaming system

  2. faviola Says:

    I think this game cube is cool…me and my nephew love playing’s loads of fun.

  3. lucy Says:

    how much am they i want one?

  4. bigboobiedbertha Says:

    where is there screen?