Nikon J1 10.1 MP HD Review

Category: Digital Cameras - Date: November 3, 2012

If you happen to be a photographer or even someone who simply takes passion in taking great-quality photographs with a professional-grade digital camera, the Nikon J1 is likely a good fit for you. Integrating a brand new imaging system developed by Nikon, the J1 is a great feature-rich digital camera that definitely packs a punch for its retail price of only $649.95. Nikon’s new Smart Photo Selector and Motion Snapshot features among many others included in the J1 make it a uniquely useful digital camera to fit the needs of almost every type of user.


The Nikon J1 contains some impressive internals that are responsible for the output of some amazing photographs. Among these are a 13.2 x 8.8 mm sensor, electronic shutter, LCD display, an SD card slot (for storage, of course), built-in flash, built-in stereo microphone with the ability to adjust its sensitivity, USB and HDMI ports for connectivity, and much more. The J1 also has interchangeable lenses as you would expect from such a high-quality digital camera, as well as the ability to output photos at a maximum resolution of 3,872 x 2,592. There is just too much about the Nikon J1, inside and out, that make it worth the consideration.


The slim yet feature-rich and highly attractive design of the Nikon J1 goes well with what it’s capable of. Available in four different colors (red, silver, white, and black), the J1 looks fantastic and isn’t overcrowded with unnecessary buttons, as most of the camera’s features have been implemented directly into the camera’s software. Nikon surely did not compromise design for its features, and that’s definitely something to be happy about.


The Nikon J1 comes in at 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches, weighing 234 grams and toting a decent 3-inch display. While the lens definitely adds to the camera’s bulk more than anything, it is still undeniably very thin in comparison to most other competitors within the Nikon J1’s price range.


The J1 runs on lithium-ion camera batteries that can be charged using the included AC adapter. Nikon claims a battery life of 230 photos per charge on the device, although as with any battery-powered electronic device, this can vary.


If you don’t have the budget to be spending upwards of $1000 on a digital camera but still need a solution that you can rely on for taking some great pictures (and HD video), the Nikon J1 is there for you. You can even find it on many stores throughout the Internet offering a discount off the $650 retail price (at the time of writing this, Amazon has it listed for less than $500, which is definitely a bargain for a digital camera that hasn’t even been on the market for a year as of yet. Be sure to give it a chance before you take a look at the alternatives.

Here are some more pictures of the Nikon J1:

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