Nikon COOLPIX L810

Category: Digital Cameras - Date: July 3, 2014


There are many compact digital cameras on the marketplace today. These types of cameras are created to be simple to use, yet provide good, crisp photos and video. Of the many that are available today, the venerable Nikon company has produced the COOLPIX L810 16.1 MP digital camera which combines ease of use with plenty of features.

There are several notable features of the Nikon COOLPIX that begin with the compact size, making it perfect for travelling, keeping it in a small bag, purse or pocket and use when for group shots, candid photos and for capturing a spontaneous moment. Here are a few of the other notable features of this remarkable camera.

16.1 Megapixel CCD Sensor

This allows you to capture sharp, clear photos at different distances which are quite versatile for a compact camera.

26x Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lens

This is a remarkable range for a compact, consumer-friendly camera. The 26x Zoom feature allows for great versatility, especially for those who are further away from the action and cannot approach, such as at a sporting event or concert.

720 HD Video Recorder with Stereo Sound

Excellent video recording features allow for sharp, clear video production. While not 1080p, 720 HD is still remarkably sharp and clear, especially with the nice glass lens used to bring items into focus and zoom for more faraway objects.

3” TFT LCD Display Screen

A good sized screen for a smaller camera, the sharpness and detail allow for excellent viewing and sizing up of shots.

AA Batteries

Perhaps the most consumer-friendly feature of this camera is that instead of using a built-in rechargeable battery, it instead uses inexpensive AA batteries that can be rechargeable as well. This allows you to quickly put in new batteries instead of waiting for the camera to recharge. This is a subtle, but useful feature in that you don’t have to be mindful of when your camera is running out of power.


Admittedly, there are perhaps a few features that do not translate very well in this camera, particularly the Stereo Sound feature which is nice, but hardly a necessity for most video shots. Such features as these seem rather superfluous, but given the overall price and usefulness of this camera, it cannot be considered a detriment. In fact, there is very little about this camera that can be said against it.


The price range is roughly $200 which does put it a little above many of the consumer model versions, but given the great features, zoom lens and excellent video recording capabilities the price is certainly more than reasonable.


In the final analysis, the Nikon COOLPIX L810 16.1 MP cameras is one of the best consumer model cameras on the market. While not made for professionals, it can be used as a quick-shot camera to capture those spontaneous moments that are not possible when a more complex camera is not ready.

We can highly recommend the Nikon COOLPIX as certainly one of the best cameras for travelling or getting that once in a lifetime shot at parties, events and with the family. The robust, durable design, easy to use menu and wide range of features make this camera one to own.

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