Navman ICN 320

Category: Navigation Systems - Date: September 28, 2006

Navman ICN 320 Navigation System

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Navman ICN 320 Navigation System Introduction
Designed to be so simple that it’s ready to use straight out of the box. The iCN 320 delivers hassle-free top-quality GPS navigation.

Navman ICN 320 Navigation System Design
Enjoy the SmartST 2005’s highly detailed maps and Points-of-Interest convenience including gas, parking, airports, and more. The iCN 320 features a pre-powered rechargeable battery and a high resolution 2.8 inch TFT screen displaying 262,144 colors.

Navman ICN 320 Navigation System Features
A high-quality speaker delivers clear turn-by-turn voice instructions for reliable route guidance; large next-maneuver arrows alert the driver to the approach and direction of upcoming turns; a real-time progress bar and distance-to-turn information ensure users take action at the appropriate time; detailed junction maps help drivers make visible associations with their actual surroundings; and user-selectable data such as ETA, speed, current time, time-to-go and total distance can be accessed with the touch of a button.

Navman ICN 320 Navigation System Performance
With the iCN 320 you not only receive advanced distance warning to your next turn, you also have the reassuring Back-On-Track function returning you to your original course if you make a wrong turn. It also provides important data on its high definition, anti-glare color screen, as well as clear voice directions allowing you to focus on your driving.

What’s included in the package
Navman iCN 320, Smart-ST 2005 Navigation Software, US Maps on one pre-loaded SD card, In-car power charger cable, and car mount.

Navman iCN 320 provides top quality, easy-to-use GPS navigation capabilities to your vehicle without paying a premium price.

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