Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Category: Other Gadgets - Date: April 14, 2010

Like many, I’ve got a laptop, a desktop, a tablet and a smartphone. The one I use the least is the desktop. Reason being that it’s not portable. Another reason is all the wires. I mean who wants a monitor, the computer, the keyboard and the mouse, all with wires and power cords everywhere. But wireless products have been available for quite a number of years already. Now we advance to the next generation in keyboards. Not only wireless, but solar powered as well. Let me introduce you to the Logitech K750 keyboard.

Okay so I’ve got my hands on the Logitech K750 keyboard. It goes for $79.99 retail. This thing is sleek, it’s black, it’s shiny and super thin (7.5mm). It does weigh a bit though so it’s not as portable as you would think. The keys have a low profile but are responsible and very comfortable to use. I’ve got loads of blogs to update, such as Webpreneur Blog, Marketing Footnotes and Save The Bills to name a few. So the comfortable-ness of the keys is a big deal. The pressure my fingers need to apply to the keys feels right.

But what I enjoyed the most about it was that I don’t have to keep the keyboard outside in the sun or by the window to keep it powered. It can also be powered by any light source like that of a lamp. Unless you work with the lights off your keyboard will stay charged.

So now I can forget about the wires, forget about the batteries and be more eco friendly with my new Logitech K750.

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  1. Gadget Review Says:

    I already have this one,, usefull 🙂