JVC Everio GZMG21

Category: Digital Video Cameras - Date: March 20, 2007

JVC Everio GZMG21

JVC Everio GZMG21 Introduction
Imagine putting a hard drive in a camcorder case that can record hours upon hours of video, no more need to switch out a tape or a DVD. Imagine that camcorder is small–really small, about the size of a large fist. It’s light, too, weighing less than 14 ounces with its battery. Well, the product is the JVC Everio GZMG21 20GB HDD Digital Media Camcorder.

JVC Everio GZMG21 Design
The Everio looks like any other camcorder, but smaller and easier to use. It has a strap handle on the right side, a flip-out LCD on the left side, the battery pack in the back. The bottom side of the camera holds a tripod mount and a Secure Digital card slot. Since the camcorder uses a hard drive rather than tapes or DVDs, the entire case is solid, with no pop-out door for video media as in most camcorders. 5.8 x 7.7 x 7.3 inches.

JVC Everio GZMG21 Features
With a high-capacity 1.8-inch hard disk drive built into a compact body that weighs-in at less than 1 pound, Everio G camcorders are the perfect companion to record your moving and still memories. Its onboard 20GB hard drive can record as much as 25 hours of video at the lowest quality or 4.5 hours of video at the highest setting. Its 680,000-pixel CCD works with an image-stabilized 32X optical zoom lens. The GZ-MG21 can shoot both standard 4:3 and wide-screen 16:9 video. The 2.5-inch LCD is nice and bright.

JVC Everio GZMG21 Performance
Once you record video to the camcorder’s hard drive, you can transfer it to a computer via a USB 2.0 connection. The video uses standard MPEG-2 encoding format, although you’ll have to rename the .mod file extensions to .mpg so that many players will recognize them.

Whats included in the package
GZ-MG21 Everio camcorder, AC power adapter, BN-VF707 rechargeable battery pack, AV cable, USB cable, remote control, shoulder strap, lens cap, and user’s manual.

Just keep on shooting, because the built-in large capacity hard drive easily stores hours and hours of your video inside a lightweight compact camcorder. Plus shoot thousands of digital still images. So whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll always be ready to record or playback your memories.

3 Responses to “JVC Everio GZMG21”

  1. seth Says:

    One of the best Digital Video Cameras at the moment.

  2. jvc Says:

    but in fact i love the sony’s too.

  3. Jack Murphy Says:

    Easy to use.Very good quality video. Have it about three months. Would like more info on sending files as E-Mail