Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset

Category: Other Gadgets - Date: August 24, 2011

Here’s the rundown on the highly popular, stylish and pricey ($129.99) Jawbone ERA bluetooth headset made by Aliph. Let’s get right to the specs on this stunning bluetooth headset.

Ultimately you want your headset to allow you to hear in any circumstance. So the Jawbone Era comes equipped with Noise Assassin 3.0 which is their military grade noise and wind canceling technology that was originally developed for use by helicopter pilots and tank commanders. This technology eliminates background noise and auto adjusts the call volume based on your current surrounding environment. But it’s not just that you can hear, it’s how good you hear it. The Jawbone Era has a powerful 10mm wideband speaker with HD quality sound.

The Jawbone Era comes with MotionX technology which enables motion control. You can shake your headset into pairing mode or tap on it to answer phone calls.

When you log in to MyTalk (at mytalk.jawbone.com) and sync your jawbone you can set up caller ID among other options. This way you’ll know who’s calling you without even needing to look at your phone.

You can keep tabs on your battery level easily with the Jawbone ERA. With an iPhone or Blackberry you can actually monitor the battery life levels right on your phone in the status bar. You can also hit the talk button on your headset to get a verbal update. Finally you can also hear a reminder when your battery level is low. The battery lasts longer than any previous Jawbone headset, a whopping 5 and a half hours of continuous use or 10 days of standby time. For most people this means you can use it off and on all day without needing to recharge it.

Size-wise the Aliph Jawbone Set measures 2.02″ x 0.57″ x 0.95″ (length x width x height in inches) and it weighs 10.2 grams.

Now for some more shots of this beautiful Aliph Jawbone Era bluetooth headset.

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