iPhone 5 Review

Category: Cell Phones - Date: January 15, 2014


The iPhone 5 is sitting at the sweet end of the market taking up a massive share of the smartphone sector. It seems like the term iPhone has become synonymous with the term smartphone. I have owned the iPhone 5 since a few weeks after its release and it gets a solid 8/10 rating from me. Let’s take a closer look at Apple’s best selling gadget.


To me, this phone looks great. It is slim, slick and a pleasure to look at with the now larger (but not too large) screen. I much prefer the white version to the black and the design has been really well thought through, with a sanded look on the back.


As ever, the App store provides the device with thousands of different apps that can do almost anything and everything. You can get apps for running, photo editing, money making, games and so much more. They run quickly and efficiently on the Dual Core 1.2GHz processor and don’t take up excessive memory.

General usage

This is one of the only factors that I feel starts to let the iPhone 5 down in comparison to its competitors. The general usage and organization is quite regimented and you can’t make many customizations to give it a more personal feel. You can organize your apps and buttons into different folders, but ultimately that’s all you can do. If you compare this to other phones such as ones from HTC then you will see that every screen is completely customizable with widgets, photos, news and plenty more. This would be nice to see in future editions of Apple releases.

The overall speed of the iPhone is great. Apps and menus load quickly and you’re never sat waiting for 5-10 seconds for something to stop lagging. This is key in a modern day smartphone because people are constantly using them and don’t expect to be waiting around.


Considering it is only 5MP, I am really impressed by the camera. I have taken some fantastic shots with it and the auto-focus and flash work really well to your advantage. I would happily say that the camera on the iPhone 5 is on par with other cameras with a higher megapixel. The video side to it also has decent functionality and sound is picked up really well. The only feature its lacking is a good zoom while recording.

Other Stuff

Another slight downside is that you will find yourself charging the handset every night without fail. Anyone that owns a smartphone is generally using it for multiple tasks and this wears down the battery very quick. You may even find that if you spent the entire morning on it, then you would run out of battery before the evening even came around. This is definitely a factor that needs improving and would make a lot of people happy.

Final word

In terms of usability, the iPhone works really well and can handle plenty of multi-tasking, but the battery will go quite quick. It would be nice to see a bit more scope for customization, which will allow users to give their devices more of a personal touch.

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