Industries That Benefit From Digital Kiosks

Category: Other - by Edwin C - Date: May 5, 2011

Touch screen kiosks are very popular electronic gadgets used across the world. They have proven common and widespread given the fact that they offer numerous features for a vast array of industries. Various units can be installed to offer a plethora of functions from wayfinding and receipt printing to check-in and payment. But what sectors are benefitting from digital kiosks?

The three industries that have been rewarded the most are the travel, retail and entertainment sectors. Nonetheless, kiosks are also expanding the horizons of other industries like retail and banking, sport and leisure, transport and hospitality.

The number one beneficiary in the travel industry is airlines which have been able to enjoy decreased staffing requirements due to the placement of informative kiosks check-in and immigration areas. With customers having easy access to maps and other resources, airport employees can focus on more important administrative tasks. Aside four airlines, tourism centres and local governments are finding kiosks to be advantageous as they can be used to increase information access near local tourist attractions.

The main beneficiary of kiosks in the entertainment industry are cinemas which are now able to decrease employee dependency by giving customers access to digital ticket and information centres in the lobbies of theatres. User-friendly touchscreen kiosks give customers more control over their movie going experience, and many cinema chains have already reported a verifiable increase in sales and customer satisfaction through the use of kiosks. These units can also improve customer loyalty with promotions and deals.

The entire retail industry can benefit from digital kiosks because they can essentially replace thousands of employee work hours whilst also consistently raising customer satisfaction rates and sales volume. Gone are the old-fashioned ways of waiting for assistance, only to ask a simple question that could easily be listed in a kiosk FAQ.

Microwaves, vacuum cleaners and tumble dryers are amongst the top appliances that homeowners cannot live without but digital kiosks are fast becoming the number one technology for businesses to succeed.

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