HP Pavilion DV1000

Category: Laptops - Date: March 29, 2006

HP Pavilion DV1000 Laptop

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HP Pavilion DV1000 Introduction

The perfect blend of mobility, style, and performance. This notebook PC will become the center of your digital entertainment universe, whether you’re home, at school, working, or on the road.

HP Pavilion DV1000 Design

Overall, the HP Pavilion DV1000 is a striking compact multimedia notebook with an impressive emphasis on design. And though performance is not as impressive as other comparable systems, the unit will do just fine running your everyday applications. The big draw here is playing your DVDs and MP3s on the road without having to boot up and watching them on that gorgeous widescreen.

HP Pavilion DV1000 Features

Weighing in at 5.5 pounds, the laptop runs 13.2 inches wide, 9.3 inches deep, and 1.5 inches high. The Pavilion dv1000’s 14.1-inch wide-aspect panel, with a 1,280×768 native resolution and the BrightView technology makes for an especially vivid picture. The standard configuration is loaded with Windows XP Home, the system features a Pentium M processor running at 1.5GHz, 512MB DDR SDRAM 266MHz, a big 40GB hard drive spinning at 4,200rpm, and an Intel 855GME graphics chip that uses up to 64MB of the system’s main memory.

HP Pavilion DV1000 Performance

There’s a lot to like about the HP Pavilion dv1000. Including, its attractive and lightweight 5.5-pound case, an abundance of handy buttons with soothing blue backlights, and an acceptable (if not stunning) overall performance.

Whats included in the package

HP Image Zone Plus
HP QuickPlay: Enjoy movies and music without standard boot up!
Symantec Norton Antivirus 2006 (includes 60 days of complimentary live updates)
Sonic RecordNow 7.x
InterVideo WinDVD
InterVideo WinDVD Creator (when configured with a DVD+/-RW)
Apple iTunes for Window
Muvee AutoProducer DVD Edition 3.5
Microsoft Works 8.0
Microsoft Money 2005
Microsoft Office Trial 2003


The HP Pavilion dv1000 is a solid and sensibly priced system for students, families, and small-business users who want to work and play on the road. You may not even notice that you’re carrying this lightweight, thin machine as you zip around town.

63 Responses to “HP Pavilion DV1000”

  1. johnny Says:

    I have a HP Pavillion dv1000 laptop and it’s not working what it does is I turn it on and it starts up with the HP invent then goes to this screen that reads all this stuff about you didn’t shut it down proberly before and it has the options
    Safe Mode
    Safe Mode with Networking
    Safe Mode with Command Prompt

    Last Know Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)

    Start Windows Normally

    then I click one and it says Seconds until Windows starts:
    and it takes a little while then it goes Microsoft Windows XP and loads then it goes to this blue screen with white text but it goes off too fast to read it then it shuts off and re-starts and does the same thing all over again!
    Can someone please HELP me to get it to like a NORMAL mode or something???

  2. Allen Says:

    Strange i had this model for almost 4 years now. and i even leave it for morethan 10 days open using it as remote pc when im at work, and it never gave me a problem, i just gave a little space to ventilate the air, i dont even have a burnt hardrive to tickling sound except if the fan full of dust just clean it then it will be smooth and silent again. however the only light problem i got on this pc is when i play games that needs high resolution like Counter strike this will hang if you have other program running aside from playing.. but if Game along with it.. this model still rocks and will give you satisfaction. the only modification i made is just that i added 512mb of ram. and until now i live in middle east and the temperature is much higher than other country but my pc still performing pretty well.

  3. zul Says:

    i got 1 HP dv1000, thinking to upgrade the processor from pentium M to core duo or maybe core 2 duo. so can u give a suggest to me, so that i can choose which one the processor can suitable to my laptop.

  4. Akins Says:

    Hey does anyone know where to get the latest graphic drivers for this labtop if so post a link if its not to much trouble cheers 🙂

  5. Diding Says:

    @Zul:if your DV1000 chipset is i915 the highest is Intel® Pentium® M Processor 780 (2M Cache, 2.26GHz, 533MHz FSB, but if i855 the highes proc isIntel® Pentium® M Processor 765 (2M Cache, 2.10GHz, 400MHz FSB)
    @Akins:try-> http://ark.intel.com/system.aspx?groupID=27577&configID=27616&chipsetID=27009

  6. jey Says:

    i need drivers for my hp dv 1000.My email is smartpcomputers@yahoo.com.my screen is dim pls advice asap.

  7. Jay Says:

    HEY Guys, I am in desperate need on the recorvery disks for my XP Home HP dv1000, It has a feature to make your own (only one set) at any time from the Recovery Console, but I lost the 2nd, and didn’t realise until I found my recovery disk 1 2 yrs later and thought – hey I might aswell get back to factory settings,upgrade the RAM (did the ram to 2gb) but half way through it asked for DISK 2… so then there was nothing I could do but SHUT DOWN, I contacted HP by email, they were script reading idiots for 1wk of that then I rang them and the guy said ye will send the discs, and I ASKED him how much – $30, but then he rang a day later and said they had been posted, but I never paid….. well 4weeks went by and I realised I spent 7-9 emails and 5 phone calls with this same guy (i like to speak to the same guy so he knows the story)… now nothing, I have looked on the web and you can buy discs of guys who must made them (companies) and sell them for almost $100, i can get XP of ebay for that these days in a 2nd hand retail.

    SO I AM BEGGING – If you have the 2 or 3 Disks for this dv1000 with XP Home as shown in review, I will PAY YOU to make copies of them (if you know how onto ur hard drive then zip them up into 100mb or 200mb lots (does iot auto, I can walk you through this) then simply upload the files to RapidShare, its not illegal as any computer tech on the web can sell ’em. OR you can just burn them and send them to me in AUstralia.
    I will pay all postage costs, and give you some cash, or since I am better at getting my hands on PC OEM stuff from work I can make it really worth your while.
    I got 2 Acer Vista -> Win7 Upgrade discs here left over I got from Acer in Singapore as I am looking at no crap 2 Acer Win7 Notebooks with 4gb RAM , and older Vista Travelate Acer, my HP dv1000 (MY BLOODY FAVE WHICH IS WHY IS EXPECT AND DONT MIND WAITING , AS TRYING A REINSTALL DOES NOT WORK AS THE RECORVERY 1 Coruppted some important .sys files and it was NTxxx something thing when it starts…)

    SOOO I love this notebook. I also hAVE A toshiba XP Pro which was one of my favesby now the power is something is gone. lights turn on, no screen or harddrive goes… so that rooted. Then I have a rooted oldWin 2000 Acer Laptop which works LOL, for real, but it is in the worst condition.,

    So I just 2 new laptops after Xmas, one with Vista -> 7 Upgrade, and my mum got one too, but i used one, she likes vista so I got hers and I got 1 spare out of it all, then Igot an anytimne upgrade to Win7 Pro and Another Home Premium Full Key (anytime Install -they wotk for clean or upgrades), Ultimate Anytime Upgrade (thanks to work hehe), well I won them actually.
    Plus I got 2010 x 3pc 1yr licenses X 3 and Office Pro Plus 2007 x 2 (Ununused) and Ultimate (Ununused) from my work also for our work (ANZ Bank) hehe,. We all get great stuff, and if you know some tricks, u can keep the actual retails.

    So Can someone do this, not a trick, I am desperate, but I can buy it right now for $80, since it is 2 burned CD’a that any one with a DV1000 can make ANYTIME – Once, then just burn it and sell it like PC tech do… BE FAIR, and I will be fair.


    pLEASE EMAIL ME at x64er[&]ymail.com

    Eagerly awaiting. sorry about spelling, its 5.50am and i’m on a smaller notebook without my usual desklap in bed., but please forgive that I am more than serious.

    Twitter me too for quickness: @OZtrepreneur or my @XDAme older account, I will give you my personal account to the person whois real about this business decision and helping out a dv1000 dying breed,
    If it were me I would do it. If you guys need anything from older Laptops like wIN2000 oem with coa and win 98 upgrade disk, home xp sp1 OEM original disk (RARE) AND MORE….

    Cheers guys, this is a 15mins job if you never burned your recorvery disks before (burn them again for me of the originals) or less just doing a straight copy.

    IOf you need any help, not experienced or whatever I can guide you very quickly, and even tell you were to get certain quick and pro apps to work with. O I have a copy of Ashamnpoo Burning Studio v9 and 2010 with full ORIGINAL 5pc keys, so I can give you one, best tool for burning, I got it from a magazine cover, well 5 discs actually, lol , another work think we get all these subscriptions for the meeting and ‘lunch’ rooms, its worth $79. – ITS YOUR FREE OF THE BAT TO SHOW GOOD FAITH AND I KNOW IT WILL BURN AS ‘DATA’ as you can choose.

    Anyway, tired and raving.

    God I hope this works…..
    I am lost, its not worth putting in s new HD cos i will have to use a retail version,,,,, I need OEM, and need to access my drive to get the wpa.dll and wpa.bak (they are OEM activation files so it will not go through activation again if on same system,and you are really not supposed to CLEAN INSTALL a OEM (if all else fails) is there a way I can access the drive to get these files…. ohhh, goto run… STILL KEEN AND THANKS HEAPS GUYS FOPR LISTENING TO MY RANTS,


  8. MS Says:

    Mam notebook HP dv1000 ale ked ho chcem zapnut tak nic nereaguje a nezapne sa pritom je napojeny v sieti.
    Ak ma niekto maticnu dosku do tohto pc tak mi napiste…..

  9. saikiran Says:

    i want hp pavilion dv1ooo drivers and hp recovery cd plz send to this e mail id

  10. wilson Says:

    i bought this computer when it 1st come out just bring back old memory it was a great laptop never gave me problems until i drop it and broke 2 years ago

  11. lazaros Says:

    I own an HP pavillion dv1000 and i want to upgrade it.RAM 1GB,WINDOWS 7.Do you think it worths the money?

  12. shaikh Says:

    i have the hp pavilion dv 1000 laptop,i just want to change the external body,because there were some scraches,and damage are there…so plz tell me immediatly the solution…8898365236 call

  13. Marcelline Sinclair Says:

    I need to buy a battery for my hp Pavilion dv 1000 and more memory. Can you lead me to the right place to purchase both?