Google Introduces The Chromebook Pixel

Category: Laptops - Date: April 10, 2013


The name started as a joke, a rumor, something that was part of a YouTube video that was leaked a few weeks ago and many thought was fake. But now, Google confirmed that the Chromebook Pixel is very real. After introducing it on its own blog, now the new machine is displayed prominently on their web site along the other Chromebooks available.

It is clear the company wants to make this into a big deal, but is it really? Chromebooks have not sold all that well so far, especially compared with how much tablets have taken off in the market, so is the Chromebook Pixel likely to change this? Let’s review some of the features and see where that might leave us.

First, the main advantage of this new laptop, and the main feature they keep pushing in their marketing material, is the display. They clearly show that this is a brand new display with a much higher definition. According to the site, the screen provides 239 pixels per inch, compared with 118 for traditional laptops.

This makes the screen much crisper and more pleasant to look at. When watching small text or fine images, it means less jagged edges and a better definition.

But the new features do not stop there. The Chromebook Pixel also has a touchscreen, which is a rare sight in the laptop world. Finally, it also comes with a completely redesigned backlit keyboard, with keys that are easy to use and convenient to type on.

But while this is an impressive machine, there are some caveats.

First, the very concept of a Chromebook is that you do not have access to any local apps. Chrome apps have some limited ability to store offline data, but for the most part, all of your work is going to be done while connected to the Internet, using Google services like Google Drive, GMail, and so on. So if you do not have constant web access, this is not the laptop for you. If you need specific software such as Microsoft Office, this also is not the device for you.

The second issue is that the processing power inside of these systems is always lower, since everything is going to be done through an online interface. So should you buy the Chromebook Pixel? The first question you should ask is actually, is the Chromebook way of doing things right for you? If yes, then the Chromebook Pixel may actually be the best choice out there.

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