Google Glass Revealed To The World

Category: Other Gadgets - Date: March 1, 2013


Google has become synonymous with innovation lately with projects that go further than what we would expect from a search engine. First they came up with their own phone, then the self driving car, and last year they amazed many when they talked about Project Glass, a new gadget that would bring the web to your eyes, wherever you went.

It quickly generated a lot of buzz, but the company remained tight lipped about their secret innovation, until now. Google has just released their website along with a YouTube video showing the glasses in action along with the various features you can expect from this new gadget. Once again, all the news media are talking about it and the site even describes how you could get your hands on a pair.

For those who have not kept track, Project Glass brings in a pair of glasses that anyone can wear, but which also includes a small computing device on the side. By using a tiny display in front of your eyes, the mobile device will display information to you as you walk around the world.

At first people did not know how well that would work, but now we have actual video and pictures of the experience. It seems like the interface was well integrated inside the glasses, and optimized for such a small display. Nothing was left out, and even notifications can be clearly seen with the device.

The external appearance seems to also have been upgraded since the early prototypes leaked. Nothing says geek like big bulky glasses, but this pair looks sleek and the mobile device is small enough to be elegant.

The most important part though is the features that are available to you while on the go. These includes taking a video, photos, sending a message, reading notifications, asking for directions or even information about a specific subject.

It seems like Google Glass takes input from both voice commands and a side button on the gadget itself. Now if you do want to try these out, you have a chance of being among one of the first people to get them.

The company is asking folks to tweet a specific hashtag along with the reasons why they want to use Google Glass, and if they select you, then you will be allowed to buy a pair in one of the first shipments of the product. According to the buzz around social networks and the fact that this hashtag is now trending everywhere, it seems like a lot of people are interested.

Whether or not this gadget will become popular and successful in the marketplace remains to be seen, since this is the type of item that can’t really be judged until you try it, but so far it seems Google has a potential winning product in its hands. No doubt that the next few months will be quite exciting as more details come out.

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