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Category: Laptops - Date: April 17, 2006

Gateway Tablet PC Laptop

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Gateway Tablet PC Introduction

The Tablet PC line offers a broad range of features and accessories that enable you to work without boundaries on the road or at your desk. The large display with wide viewing angles delivers a peak viewing experience, allowing you to clearly view the display on flat surfaces in both portrait and landscape mode or to share presentations with others more effectively.

Gateway Tablet PC Design

The CX200 series brings handwriting to the world of wide-screen laptops, with a 14-inch, 1,280×768 native resolution display that swivels 180 degrees and folds flat over the keyboard to create a tablet. Like other Gateway notebooks, the CX200-series tablets can be ordered with a wide variety of components and accessories.

Gateway Tablet PC Features

Gateway is selling the same laptops under different names depending on who’s buying. There are now four sets of names, each targeting a different market segment. Aside from the included software packages and warranty terms, the laptops are essentially the same from line to line.

Gateway Tablet PC Performance

You’ve got options! Customize your convertible notebook just the way you want it. Choose from a variety of processor speeds, batteries, modular bay options, hard disk drives, wireless LAN solutions and advanced graphics options. Gear a
convertible notebook toward your inner artist, your inner professional or even your inner gamer.

Whats included in the package

Every Gateway CX200 comes with an industry-standard one-year ship-in warranty; the rotating hinge (the most fragile part on the machine), is covered for three years. During the warranty period, technicians are available 24/7 via a toll-free phone number. The company also promises to reply to e-mail support questions within 24 hours. Gateway’s support site has a lot of downloads, spec sheets, and setup suggestions.


This notebook transforms into a tablet, so you can switch from keyboard to stylus in a flash. The innovative pen with Continuous Sensing Technology lets you take notes, edit and draw directly onscreen. You can even capture and paste images right into your own documents. Gateways tradition of building interactive customer relationships and selling innovative, high-value computing products and services continues with this product. Gateway’s Tablet PC brings mobility,
versatility and power to everywhere you work today.

2 Responses to “Gateway Tablet PC”

  1. sal Says:

    This table PC has been great. I love how i’m able to twist the screen without having have to turn the whole comp. The screen images are cool and sharp. Can’t say i’ve had any issues with this computer.

  2. doc Says:

    I have 3 of these for my medical office. They have heavy use, but not abuse. Two of these have had the hinge fail (one after about 9 months, one at 15 months). I had the service people fix the first one (CompUSA), took about 3 weeks to get it back. I’ve now taken the second one apart. It says it has a titanium hinge, but what happened was that 2 screws on one side had the head pop right if. It’s held on by four of these screws.

    I really like these computers. Wish they had a better pivot mechanism.