Dell XPS 15 l502x Review

Category: Laptops - Date: July 2, 2014


With prices starting at around $1,000+, the Dell XPS 15 is not for the normal person looking for just a plain run-around laptop. The XPS 15 has a range of aspects that makes it great for all kinds of tasks including and especially gaming. I bought this laptop as I was heading to university to begin my Computer Science (games) course and it has served me extremely well since.


The general feel of the laptop is nice. It has a sleek and curvy design which makes it fairly appealing to the eye and nice to handle. It is however quite heavy compared to other notebooks which doesn’t bother me too much but if you’re carrying it round all day then it could potentially be a pain.

Battery life

This is the main aspect that I think the laptop loses its last star in. The battery life is fairly poor and any extreme use will drain it very quickly. For example, if I was to watch a movie or play a gaming session, I would generally need to keep it plugged in if I was intending to use it for more than an hour and a half. The battery in my XPS is already due a replacement as it does not charge anymore. It has been used vigorously for near to two years but I was not expecting to need to replace it just yet. (Also not covered by warranty!)


Since owning it, the laptop has managed to play every game that I have thrown on it. It can’t handle all of them on the highest settings, but can play them to a good quality on normal settings. I think games coming out over 2013 may start to catch up with it a bit, but I’m still confident it could run anything on at least the lowest settings for another year yet. The colourful and bright HD screen also makes graphics stand out nicely and crisp.


There is a 2mp integrated webcam that comes with Dells webcam central suite. The webcam has reasonable quality and the webcam suite is easy and quite fun to use.


I have the laptop without the backlit keyboard and I regret not getting it now. It costs extra, but I think it’s well worth spending it to be able to type more efficiently in the dark. Apart from that, the keyboard itself is nice to use; the buttons are not too clunky or stiff and generally have a nice feel to type with.


Great for multi-tasking and gaming, good looking visuals and aesthetics but quite heavy with fairly poor battery life. Some of the optional upgrades would be worth considering.

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