Dell Inspiron ONE 2305 Desktop

Category: Desktops - Date: April 17, 2012

One word immediately comes to mind when describing the Dell Inspiron ONE 2305 iO2305-1109MSL Desktop and that word is ‘Innovation’. Dell has packed every conceivable feature into this desktop to make it the one computer that will suit the needs of every member of your family. Let’s start with the display first.

The Inspiron has a 23-inch widescreen with a full 1080p HD display backlit with WLED lighting. Images are so crisp and clear you’ll want to reach out and touch them. But that’s not the even best part. Dell brags that the mouse and keyboard that come with this computer will slide right under the monitor, giving you more room on your desk. So what? Why would you want to stash your keyboard and mouse?

Because you don’t need them. This Dell has an intuitive, multi-touch display. With just a brush of your finger you can rearrange windows, open new tabs, launch apps, zoom in and out, and click links. With the Dell Touch Cam you can swipe your finger and upload and edit photos and videos right to YouTube or Facebook. Use your finger to write yourself StickyNotes. You can even play games with just a touch instead of fumbling with a clumsy mouse.

Dell’s Inspiron comes equipped with Windows 7, and as a bonus they’re also throwing in Windows Live which includes 25 GB of online storage, easy file syncing with Windows Live Mesh, Easy photo editing with Photo Fuse and even video chats.

But there’s one outstanding feature of the Dell Inspiron ONE 2305 iO2305-1109MSL Desktop that doesn’t seem to be getting as much play-time as it deserves and that’s the Dell Stage software that’s included in this package. Dell Stage takes the concept of ‘intuitive interface’ to a whole new level.

This amazing software anticipates your every online move. Want to see where you’ve been recently? It’s right there when you log in. Along with your favorite applications, your favorite photos and videos, your favorite music, and more. The Inspiron automatically knows what you like and what you’re looking for and puts it all right there within easy reach.

Dell Stage also acts as your family’s entertainment center. From one central hub you can download movies, listen to music, stream radio, play, record and rewind television programs, play games and connect on Facebook and Flickr. This computer will become so popular in your household you may have to buy more than one.

Dell Inspiron ONE 2305 iO2305-1109MSL Desktop comes pre-loaded with MS Office Starter 2010 and McAfee Anti-Virus software. You’ll also be amazed to see you have 6 USB ports, which is almost unheard of! And let’s not forget the 2 mega-pixel webcam for video chats. And with 4 MB RAM, 1000 GB on the hard drive and an AMD Athlon processor, this computer is powerful enough to stand up to anything your family can dish out.

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