Canon PowerShot A1300

Category: Digital Cameras - Date: April 27, 2013


Unlike the Canon Rebel line, this PowerShot is designed to be low cost and consumer friendly, but still packed with plenty of features. What makes this version interesting is the old fashioned optical viewfinder which actually has some advantages in certain situations. Furthermore, the Canon PowerShot boasts a number of other great features and conveniences for a price that is around $100 in many retail and online stores.

Most Notable Features

The Canon PowerShot has a number of great accessories that are perfect for the casual photographer. Here are some of the most noted features of this particular camera.

  • 720 HD Video Recording
  • 16 MP Image Sensor
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • DIGIC 4 Image Processor
  • Scene Modes, including Fisheye Effect, Toy Camera, Monochrome and more.
  • 3” LCD Viewfinder
  • Optical Viewfinder

The optical viewfinder is become more rare in digital cameras designed for the casual photographer. However, it does offer a couple of advantages in that screens are difficult to see in bright sunshine and the optical viewfinder allows for quicker shooting to catch those spontaneous moments when activating the LCD screen takes more time.

The scene modes are a nice addition that you normally do not find on such inexpensive cameras. From fisheye to monochrome effects, you can create your own unique look for each photograph that you take. The ample 720p HD video recorder and sizable 3” LCD viewer means a high quality video look can be achieved and properly composed as well.

What most people may react positively to is the ability to take outdoor photographs at very low shutter speeds that make for beautiful, almost art-like quality to the photographs themselves. Add to this the impressive 16 MP image sensor that adds more sharpness and clarity and the A1300 is a very impressive consumer model camera.

And in case the sheer number of features seems overwhelming, there is a handy help button that can assist anyone into taking the photos that they want. The Help feature runs through all the options quickly and easily. However, for those who simply want to take a quick photo, the optical viewfinder keeps things pretty simple as well.

Having said all that, the 5x optical zoom is nothing to write home about and the SD card must still be purchase separately which means that your memory space is somewhat limited. But when you consider the overall price of the camera and the number of features provides, these are small negatives to an otherwise very nice camera system.

For overall performance, easy to use features, a handy Help button that let’s you avoid continually referring to the manual and stunning photographic quality, the Canon PowerShot A1300 is certainly one of the better consumer model cameras to be found. The low price makes it almost a steal and the unique optical viewfinder actually makes things pretty simple as well.

We can highly recommend the Canon PowerShot A1300 as being the perfect camera for professionals who need a quick-shot model to capture spontaneous moments and for consumers who are looking for an inexpensive, easy to use and versatile camera for almost any occasion.

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