Apple Powerbook G4

Category: Laptops - Date: April 4, 2006

Apple Powerbook G4 Laptop

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Apple Powerbook G4 Introduction

Light weight and yet powerful, these models continue to astonish even the die-hard fans. After you finish admiring their stunning displays and marveling at their fit and finish, take a good look at the number of ports each PowerBook provides. These models ship with an astonishing lineup of built-in professional capabilities.

Apple Powerbook G4 Design

In keeping with the clean lines of the system, the PowerBook has a slot-loading CD-RW/DVD drive. It has a flip cover that hides its various ports and connections, including an IEEE 1394 port and two 12-Mbps USB ports. It also has a built-in 56K modem and a 10/100Base-T Ethernet connection, and it offers 802.11b wireless networking via an internal AirPort card.

Apple Powerbook G4 Features

A study in power and functionality, packaged in a thin and light enclosure that’s a pleasure to open in public. The entire family of PowerBook G4 notebooks incorporates higher-resolution displays, longer battery life and a host of features that keep it high on the wish list of every pro. And with new low prices, your wish is more affordable than ever before.

Apple Powerbook G4 Performance

The PowerBook G4 line boasts high-performance PowerPC G4 processors up to 1.67GHz, 512MB of DDR SDRAM and 5400-rpm hard drives up to 100GB. You can even order your PowerBook model with the phenomenal 8x SuperDrive (DVDRW/CD-RW) that lets you listen to CDs, watch DVDs, or burn CDs and DVDs of your own. Apple engineers put this power at your fingertips, all the while maintaining a light, thin, durable notebook design complete with Sudden Motion Sensor technology that helps protect your data in the event of a drop or fall.

Whats included in the package

The PowerBook G4 comes loaded with software so easy to use, you’ll find yourself accomplishing things you had only dreamed of. Included with every PowerBook are QuickBooks for Mac New User Edition, Art Directors Toolkit, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, GraphicConverter, Zinio Reader, FileMaker Pro Trial, and Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive.


The PowerBook G4 has all the style and performance you have come to expect from Apple’s machines.

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  1. serge daniel mouzong Says:

    I want to by, big performance, give a caract√©ristic and price, a stay in cameroun, I’m a infagraphe

  2. Blanca T Says:

    This notebook is cool. has everything i would ever need. It’s user friendly with cool programs for any projects one has to do. It’s a must have.

  3. Nina Rivera Says:

    this is great everything you need and any where you want to take

  4. Andrew Says:

    its the usually techno crap. More money for less power. Apple fashion for happy morons

  5. Hottie Says:

    This Computer looks sooooooo SEXY!!!!

  6. Gotob Says:

    it’s sleek and easy to use..very cool but 512mb ram?!