Apple iPod Classic 120 GB

Category: MP3 Players - Date: May 5, 2009


The iPod Classic continues to refine the formula that put the iPod on the map. They enjoy a good deal of popularity beyond iPod enthusiasts. Many are those who can appreciate its classic design, for it is an unmistakably sound design.

Inside of its compact body size of 2.4 x 4.1 x by 0.41 inches, the large size 120GB hard drive is the key to its appeal. Few other devices can match its combination of storage capacity, size, and now the price.

The 2.5 inch display and the long battery life makes this iPod be more than just a music player and into a media player. Easily store up to 30,000 songs, or 25,000 photos, or even 150 hours of videos. No iPod review would be complete without mentioning Apple’s superb iTunes music software. All the best components come together in this classic item.

3 Responses to “Apple iPod Classic 120 GB”

  1. krishna kashyap Says:

    I have ipod shuffle with me now and i am planning to buy this mater piece.. thanks for posting the features.. it has helped me a lot..

  2. Bob Says:

    Good review, i really need that ipod i have been stuck with the first 1gb apple for years now and i have yet to update so i am thinking i will go with the classic cheers for the post me and the crew at CostaRicaHQ are appreciative.

  3. Vinay S Says:

    I like all the products of Apple company. As they include great features for their products. Now it released an iPod of 120GB size, that is very attractable for those who wants to store more videos, musics and photos. Thanks for posting this informative things. Please continue posting like this.

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