Apple iMac G5

Category: Desktops - Date: July 23, 2006

Apple iMac g5 Desktop Computer

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Apple iMac g5 Introduction

Apple has updated one of the most uniquely designed computers available. Taking the all-in-one iMac design to the next level, while maintaining the performance we come to expect from apple computers.

Apple iMac g5 Design

Stunning all-in-one design. The iMac G5 has the CPU, motherboard, and drives mounted in the same 2-inch-thick chassis as the monitor. Apple’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse means that only one cord (power cord) needs to be plugged in.

Apple iMac g5 Features

The 17-inch model weighs just 18.5 pounds, and the 20-inch one is just 25.2 pounds, so moving one from room to room is easy. Has an iSight camera (and lighting) built-in, and has Front Row, their new media playback software package to be used with their new Apple Remote control. Mighty Mouses are now also standard, as well as Superdrives (aka DVD burners), plus Bluetooth too.

Apple iMac g5 Performance

The iMac is light, sleek, and a bargain. In terms of actual computing power, it occupies a nice space between notebooks and desktops. It fills the same niche in terms of price. The iMac G5 offers solid performance, with the 2.0GHz PowerPC G5 processor; 512MB of RAM standard; a 128MB ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card; and a large 250GB, 7,200rpm hard drive.

Whats included in the package

The Apple computers are second to none, when it comes to the software bundle. In addition to Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, the iMac G5 comes with a software package that includes the iLife multimedia suite which is compatible with PC programs and can do things like convert PDF to excel, Zinio Reader, and Quicken.


The iMac takes up about as much space as an LCD screen alone, and it’s surprisingly quiet. It manages to offers a surprising amount of performance with very few limitations. It’s fast enough for most people (if you never expand the Power Mac, then you would be paying for capabilities you’re not going to be using).

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  1. Giovanna Says:

    Srs, quisiera saber que hadware viene con la Mac… ya que la fotografia solo muestra el monitor y teclado…muchas gracias