Apple iPad Tablet 16GB Wi-Fi ( MB292LL/A )

Category: Tablets - Date: August 23, 2010

The multi-touch screen and advanced capabilities of the Apple iPad make it a unique way to access the web, email, music, photos and video.

The touchscreen of the iPad is able to simultaneously many distinct positions of input touches. It makes opening and closing files, or moving them around more interesting. You can easily resize a file or even group several into a bundle.

The ease of use of the touchscreen is due to the iPad processor, for it is optimized to read data faster. The Apple iPad is a powerful tool compared to a standard Netbook. This is especially true for the native iPad apps.

Wireless networking is easier with the built in Wi-Fi of the Apple iPad. The Wi-Fi only model has the advantage of a much lower price compared to the other model. A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device or a tethered cellphone gives the same access with significantly lower costs.

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