Nikon COOLPIX L810

Category: Digital Cameras - Date: July 3, 2014 - Discussion: No comments


There are many compact digital cameras on the marketplace today. These types of cameras are created to be simple to use, yet provide good, crisp photos and video. Of the many that are available today, the venerable Nikon company has produced the COOLPIX L810 16.1 MP digital camera which combines ease of use with plenty of features.

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Dell XPS 15 l502x Review

Category: Laptops - Date: July 2, 2014 - Discussion: No comments


With prices starting at around $1,000+, the Dell XPS 15 is not for the normal person looking for just a plain run-around laptop. The XPS 15 has a range of aspects that makes it great for all kinds of tasks including and especially gaming. I bought this laptop as I was heading to university to begin my Computer Science (games) course and it has served me extremely well since.

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Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review

Category: Tablets - Date: June 17, 2014 - Discussion: No comments


For those who are looking for a tablet with great features at a price that is more affordable than the current iPad. The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 has all the promises to be one of the best on the market today. Based on the highly successful Kindle series, the newest version has a myriad of features that take this beyond just reading eBooks.

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Barnes And Noble Nook

Category: Tablets - Date: May 25, 2014 - Discussion: No comments


For those looking at getting an E-Reader, the Barnes and Noble Nook is certainly one of the most popular. While it is similar in shape and function to an iPad, it is not designed to be a tablet with that type of versatility. Instead, it is primarily designed to be an E-Reader for eBooks, reports and the like.

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Google Nexus 7 Review

Category: Tablets - Date: February 21, 2014 - Discussion: No comments


The world of tablets has certainly expanded over the past few years as different companies have dived into this rich field. One reason why there has been an increase in tablets is that there are demands for different sizes. Some want the larger tablets such as the iPad while other want something more compact.  Google has burst onto the scene with one of the more celebrated of the smaller tablets Nexus 7.

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iPhone 5 Review

Category: Cell Phones - Date: January 15, 2014 - Discussion: No comments


The iPhone 5 is sitting at the sweet end of the market taking up a massive share of the smartphone sector. It seems like the term iPhone has become synonymous with the term smartphone. I have owned the iPhone 5 since a few weeks after its release and it gets a solid 8/10 rating from me. Let’s take a closer look at Apple’s best selling gadget.

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A Look At The Apple TV Set Top Box

Category: Televisions - Date: December 8, 2013 - Discussion: No comments

Despite its name, the Apple TV is not a television, but a simple, compact , 0.9 inches tall, 3.9 inches wide, and 3.9 inches deep (and weighs a mere 270g) , “set top box” that enables it to wirelessly connect and stream content from iTunes. This means that you can display anything from music, films, audiobooks, videos, TV shows and movie rentals from as many as five Macs or PCs to a digitally enhanced-definition or high-definition TV.

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